How does God feel about my dream of becoming a globetrotter? Does He find it sinful?

My lifelong dream has always been visiting as many countries around the globe as possible for me. There are many beautiful places to visit in the world, but the issue is, I don’t have the money. And it may not be God’s will that I do this. Is tourism/traveling sinful? Can a person glorify God by touring/traveling the world to marvel at its beauties?

I love multinational travel, I think it’s like a Cinderella or Alice In Wonderland story in visiting a totally different world.

So how do you think God feels about Global travel? Is it good for people?

The Church has never said taking a vacation to a foreign country is sinful so there’s nothing innately bad about travelling the world. If you want to make that your life’s focus, I’d suggest asking a priest (or at least someone you know in real life and trust) about it because we’re just strangers on the internet. Though one idea you might want to consider is doing charity abroad with an organization like the Peace Corps. Then you’d see more of the world and also be serving others. (And if you’re in middle/high school, perhaps your local Church participates in Catholic Heart Work Camp or another mission that you could check out.)

There is nothing wrong with travel. Get a job, save up and go. I used to work for a travel agency and there are still many good bargains left out there. Enjoy! :tanning:

or missions abroad, or go on pilgrimages.

there are many ways to glorify God

I’ve made awesome tours through NA, Europe and Australia as part of World Youth Day.

Then my youth ran out :):slight_smile:

Still, I’ve managed to go to Israel/Palestine and Ireland since then (on pilgrimage).

Moving around is cool to God!

Heqq, if you have the means, you could even book the Catholic Answers annual cruise ! :):):slight_smile:


You could teach English as a Second language in a foreign country.
A very short course that certifies you may be necessary. You can glorify by staying put or traveling. Just use your talents and do His will.

If you can’t afford to travel there in person, you can always get acclimated to their local scenes via online radio apps like TuneIn and Broadcastify. There are new apps and web sites all the time that make it possible.

I think you are only telling part of the story. In your post last night about using your gifts, you said you wanted to be rich and famous (since edited).

Is this desire to “globetrot” related to that?

It sounds like you are struggling with Christian versus secular morals and desires. I encourage you to talk to your pastor.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Woody Allen

And also a thread about “how to be grateful.”

An awful lot of questions all at once… What is beneath them all?

Same thread I was talking about. The OP edited it after I read it.

I’m assuming you’re quite young. When I was young I also had dreams of traveling. I had a world map on my bedroom wall that I used to “plan” my trips.

In the meantime, life happened. I have driven over the northern & southern borders into Canada and Mexico. I have done quite a bit of traveling & camping in the western part of the country. I now live in a place that is, to me, extraordinarily beautiful. I no longer have the desire to travel. Of course, you would likely consider me well past my “best by” date, but even if I had the money & the energy, I’m not sure I’d want to travel.

Woody Allen apparently got this from an old Jewish proverb: “Man plans, G-d laughs.”

I was wondering if he got it from there, but was too lazy to look it. :wink:

Once again, that viciously depressing quote…

Based on that, neither she nor any of us should plan anything, but fold our hands and await our death?


Of course not. But I’ve noticed that nothing I plan turns out quite how I expected it to. Another way of saying it is that life is full of surprises. Better to accept the surprises than to rant to God that nothing happened as you expected.

And I don’t find the quote at all depressing - certainly not “viciously” so. I think it’s funny. But then, I have an offbeat sense of humor. :wink:

The truth of the matter is, fame isn’t something that’s really all that important to me compared to international travel. A perfect testament to this was the prospect of me becoming a internationally acclaimed artist, yet no opportunity for an all-expenses-paid trip around the world. At the point, I began to see that fame isn’t all that important to me. I’m no narcissist.

I realize there are much more marvelous things in life to treasure than fame and recognition. To me, as great as fame is in itself, it’s nothing compared to multinational travel. Me being fixated on the fact that a person has traveled internationally, international travel being a content in some fictitious work or part of some grand prize in a globally-televised competition makes it all the more evident that it’s the international travel I’m after, not even international recognition. Because if I took into account that it involved work I wasn’t passionate about even if it made me famous, I would want no part of it.

Are you still in school? How many languages are you learning? Are you learning job skills that will take you around the world?

I have a wonderfully talented young relative who got a dream job - it took her to Paris, London, Berlin - all sorts of places. After a few years she got tired of it & with a friend opened a home decorating business. Still doing what she loves but she can stay home at night. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m learning Spanish, Italian, French and in the near future, Japanese and Mandarin. And I don’t particularly know where to start or how to become a traveler. I plan on getting back in College this year but I don’t have enough money to get back in. I’m 26 years old and the last time I was in College was in 2014, when I was 23.

So what I plan on doing is getting a job where I can save up at least enough money to afford visas, passports, plane tickets, train tickets, travel insurance, etc.

I too suffer from that condition.
It’s called “itchy feet”.

I had a map on my wall as a young teenager and that desire has never left me.
I have travelled a little, but not nearly as much as I want to.

I suggest you find a career that will afford you opportunities to travel. And that suggestion about English as a Second Language teacher is a very good one.

If you are still young take that desire seriously and do it!
There’s more than one way to do it.

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