How does God think?

God chose to create beings who have the ability to reject him. He could have created only beings with no free will. But a being who chooses God only because he has to is just a robot, his love of God requires no personal decision. Love forced cannot be love.

Then it is already establish that I am going to heaven or to hell?

Based on what you choose to do under your own agency, God already knows. God knows everything he knows at once. There is no succession of moments in God.

I wouldn’t begin to know or even try to figure out. All I know is that GOD IS LOVE!

In other words, they were non-responsive and didn’t want to get into it with you. OK… I’m cool with that. Nevertheless, your assertions that “God doesn’t know what I’m going to choose”, and that the presence of this knowledge would nullify your free will, are not what the Church teaches, your interactions with Church clerics notwithstanding… :wink:

From your perspective? No. You still have to make the decisions and take the actions that will determine the answer to that question.

From God’s? He already knows what you will freely choose, when it comes time for you to freely choose it.

Either way you look at it, you have a free choice.

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