How does google images work re: supporting websites?

Sometimes if I see stuff on google images that I don’t want to see (maybe porn), does the act of seeing it or typing it in the search bar support that bad thing I prefer not to look at?

I suppose not, but then, why would images be hosted on google if these images did not support the sites? I suppose they don’t support them directly though?

For instance, if I type in Catholic Answers and then look at the images then am I supporting every site that has a posted image?

No. Google and other search engines use automated crawler bots that browse through the entire searchable portion of the internet (anything with plain text, which most images have a plain text description added to it), and then archives them to their database to become searchable. You do not actually visit the URL yourself until you double click the image to open up another tab.

You should be able to change the settings to attempt to filter out ‘adult’ content.

If you go to Google Images, search for something, and then look to the right near the top of the page, there is a button with a gear/cog on it. Click that to enter the search settings. One of (if not the) first things in the search settings should be a checkbox that says “Filter explicit results”

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