How does Mary "function" as Mediatrix?

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How exactly does our Lady “mediate” graces? I can understand her being the “channel” through whom Grace himself came into our world as our Lord, but how about in the present time?

But how about now? I’m especially confused with regards to the sacraments being “ex opere operato” which tells us that Christ himself works through the sacraments. If the priest is in persona Christi when he consecrates the Eucharist or absolves sin, where does Mary as Mediatrix of Grace fit in at those moments?

Dear Porthos,

Certainly in referring to Mary as Mediatrix, the Church does not see her today as some kind of celestial traffic cop, directing graces hither and thither. She is simply the Mother of God. Her function comes from her being, i.e., who she is. It was through her mediation that the God-Man became incarnate. While this act is a matter of history, Mary is still that same person, that same mediator, today that she was then.

This link will give you a fuller picture of what I’m saying:

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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