How does Mary's soul magnify the Lord?


Luke 1:46-47 “And Mary said, My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”

I understand that her spirit rejoices in God. But how does her soul magnify the Lord? What does that mean? Thank you.


This is just my interpretation,so take it in the vein.
Mary,God’s most perfect creature,was given the unique privilege of being born sinless,as she was to be the Christbearer. Her soul,in it’s sinlessness magnified God’s greatness.,since she would be the vessel into which He would enter the world.


This isn’t something I really thought of before, but when I read your question I immediately thought of a magnifying glass and how it works. A magnifying glass makes something appear larger, clearer, more easily seen. It doesn’t change the thing it is magnifying, just makes it easier to see by the person looking at it. In this case, we can look to Mary to see God more clearly and bring him closer to us. That’s just what came to me in a few minutes of pondering.


And our Blessed Mother certainly does that!


Mary must have been a big reader of the Psalms. Check out Psalm 33. The magnificat is a reflection of the David’s exclamations in the Spirit, or maybe David’s writings are a reflection of the magnificat since the Spirit isn’t bound by the constraints of time.


Whatever Mary has, but especially her fullness of Grace, is nothing more than a reflection of God’s own glory and goodness, and she is acknowledging God as the source in her honesty and humility. She attributes nothing to herself and all to God.

We can say the same prayer in all honesty.




Yes! Beautiful.


Thank you everyone for your insights, they are helpful! :heart:


Magnifies = “proclaims the greatness of”

I, and a multitude of others, make these words our own every day at Evening Prayer.

“My soul proclaims the greatness of (magnifies) the Lord.”


I love the way fred conty explained it. :slight_smile:

Here are some uses of “Magnify/magnified” in Scripture that can also help shed light on how it’s used in Scripture (also included are “magnificent” due to the way I searched).

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