How does one become a deacon?


I am trying to discern God’s will for my life. I feel drawn to serve the Church, possibly as a deacon. How exactly does someone become a deacon? Do they go to seminary like a priest does?


Yes they do. I would invite you to seek out a vocations director to help you discern your vocation.


call up your Dioceses vocation director!!

May the SACRED HEART Bless You for your desire!!


Some, but certainly not all, dioceses may have diaconal formation classes at a local seminary. Clearly only a minority of dioceses even have local seminaries, and the typical married diaconal candidate doesn’t “go away” to seminary as clearly family and job duties need to be addressed. Diaconal formation typically involves all-weekend classes perhaps monthly or at some other frequency. My diocese has evening classes for 3 hours twice a week for 4 years with additional Summer work and practicums, plus lots and lots of homework. Classes are held at a local Catholic college. The best advice is to talk with the vocation director in your diocese.


Deacons go through most of the same training as a priest. If you feel you are being called then you need a spiritual director and should speak with your pastor.


All the info you will need is here.


I am going to be ordained in May. I started off by talking to my parish priest. From there I was directed to the priest in charge of formation. I put in a written application with several recommendations. Then I was interviewed by the priest in charge of formation. There are eight men in formation with me.

I was in a (4) year formation. It varies from place to place. We meet on a weekend once a month at a Benedictine monastery. We combine classroom study with spiritual formation. We did research and wrote papers in between our weekends.

I strongly urge you to actively discern God’s will for your life.:slight_smile:


Know that you must commit to celibacy if you are not married.


To Mattjb - I was just ordained a deacon this past Sunday. Requirements maybe different from place to place but my formation was 4 years long. If you are not married then you are not allowed to marry. If you are married and your wife dies you are not allowed to re-marry.

Seek some spiritual guidance first. I had a long talk with my parish priest before applied. I also prayed a lot in the quiet of my room. Then look to your diocese for the requirements (my parish priest had most of this information for me) because your bishop is the one who ordains.

Good Luck


Congratulations Deacon! Welcome to the Sacred Order of Deacons. May God bless you with fruitful ministry!

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