How does one become a prayer warrior


Since I myself have been asking for prayers, I was wondering how one becomes a prayer warrior. I know I am not feeling too strong right now but I am very interested in helping others.Thank you for having such wonderful forums.


Hi Ellen!

Welcome to CAF! You will find a thread at the top of the prayer intentions forum with all of the information needed to become a prayer warrior.

Peace be with you,



Hey ellen, just wanted to say your post is very admirable. And praying/doing for others can be a great source of strength for your own life, it’s amazing!




What an inspiration you are! So selfless in giving yourself to others in prayer. What a awesome addition you would be to the prayer warriors! I am also a prayer warrior. As I have been sick…I have been neglecting praying as much as I should. :frowning: And there’s no better time to pray than when you are so close to Jesus in suffering. :slight_smile:

I hope you decide to join us. It’s easy as pie. Annunciata already gave you the link. Just private message Catherine Grant and she’ll get you set in no time! :thumbsup:

Again…welcome…and SO glad to have you with us! :smiley:


God bless you, Ellen, for wanting to pray for others!! May you be deeply blessed for your caring for the needs of others…Just follow Annunciata’s link…
Welcome aboard!!


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