How does one build a grotto/shrine?


My son wants to build a grotto/shrine out of stone/rock/brick at our church for his Eage Scout project.

He and I have searched the internet and while we find many beautiful pictures, nothing tells us how to build one. He wants it to be cave-like so a small statue can be placed inside.

Does anyone have any ideas or references?



Not an expert, but I would guess that chicken wire and a stucco like material might work. Or if you want stone, maybe make some type of support structure to build and then remove it once the mortar sets up.

I’d also go to Home Depot and ask around. They are pretty handy at that store.


Home Depot basically told us to hire a mason. :eek:


Well, I know lots of people who make them for whatever reason. This neck of the woods is highly Catholic. Aside from the ones made out of bathtubs where one can tell it was indeed once a bathtub, most people just put them together has it pleases them and the city code.

When you go to Home Depot, don’t use the words grotto, shrine or Eagle Scout. Instead, use words like brick outdoor patio grill, water feature without the water, and faux rock formation. Those are the same words you should use when you google up the how-to stuff, and when your son goes to the library to get how-to books. Also have your son go to and and search those words. Those are the same principles and skills your son needs to apply to his grotto.

Mine is made out of cement slabs and begonia bushes.:wink:,DIY_26336_65997,00.html,2037,DIY_13927_5297037,00.html,2029,DIY_14418_2272187,00.html


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