How does one discern thier own vocation?

How does one truly know if they have a vocation to married or religious life? Some people are simply lucky in knowing what they want or what they are called to be. I am not one of them. Ever since I can remember whenever I thought about being married or being called to religious life I never felt a strong pull towards either. (Actually when I was very young I was completely against so much as the thought of ever being a nun. I’ve now moved to ‘open minded’… Somewhat. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Nothing has changed since. If I were to consider either choice I still feel indifferent.

So maybe the better question would be, how does one discern what they are called to do in life? I’ve always had interests in certain subjects, and posses my own gifts unique to me, but I’m always unsure how to apply then and best serve God. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject or experience? Advice would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

God calls u eventually if u are caleld to religious life. If one is confused about his ownvocation one must pray to God…My Lord what am i good for? please guide me in finding my right vocation

by Silence! I sometime think that the Word of God is Silence

Have you felt a calling to any other vocation? like being a lawyer, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, mechanic, engineer, teacher, anything?

I never knew, or really thought, that a profession could be considered a vocation. Yes, I do have an interest in a certain field. (In fact it has always been a point of interest to me. Even when I was very young.) I didn’t know if that in itself could be considered a ‘calling’ or not. :shrug:
I’ll certainly give some time to pray and decide over the matter. Though that did help give a new light on the thought. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Wise and sound, holy, spiritual direction.

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