How does one explain the necessity of Christ´s crucifixion in light of an all-loving God?


First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this question. I pray that you will be able to answer it as it is a very crucial question that might help a loved one see the necessity of Christ’s crucifixion.

Here is some brief background information. This summer, I had the opportunity to compile the necessary resources to one day write my grandfather’s biography. To do this, we have daily interview sessions that encompass many aspects of his life and beliefs, which obviously has include religion. One experience of his life that has profoundly touched him is a near-death experience in which he came to experience God as pure love. However, because of his experience, he claims difficulty in seeing how a loving Father would send His only Son to be beaten up and crucified in such an awful manner, that it wasn’t necessary for Him to send Christ to forgive anyone. Incidentally, he also now believes that Jesus is not God, but that he was a revolutionary (good) man that was put to death by the Romans.

Is there any way that I may explain to my grandfather why the crucifixion was and is necessary? In trying to think of a good answer, I have come to see more how Jesus’ crucifixion and death actually show God’s love for us. Yes, perhaps God *could *have done it some other way, perhaps by some snapping of his fingers, as my grandfather says, but by being willing to be crucified Himself for us, it shows how God is indeed love, and that the crucifixion does not contradict in any way His ample and pure love.

Before trying to explain this further to him, I would greatly appreciate some feedback and suggestions in to how better explain this or how to go about it. I have recently returned to the Church (a long, but ultimately joyful journey!) and was Confirmed this past Easter. I believe that I am being given a great chance to explain to someone (who has always sincerely sought the truth) this great aspect of our faith; however, I only have four more weeks with him left (I live in the States and he doesn’t), so any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

**PS: I apologize if this is a second submition. I wasn’t sure if I submited the first one correctly, so please disregard this if the first one went through. **



Jesus stated that no one took His life from Him. He gave of His own accord. And yes, He could have redeemed us with merely a thought. But He chose to become one of us to show us something of Infinite Love in a way we could somewhat understand. We have no experience of the infinite. But we do have experience of suffering. By His passion we have some indication of how beyond our understanding His love for us really is.

God is not merely a bigger version of us. He is God—beyond our ability to fully fathom!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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