How does one explain to children that Jesus had two fathers?

Hello. Yesterday i started teaching class for first communion and one of the kids asked “I was wondering this for a long time… who is Jesus’ real father, God or Joseph?” I know the reason why but i don’t know how to explain it to him without going into more adult-like detail. I told him that I will try to answer the question next class. I asked the priest and he said he will answer the question next class. But for my learning-to-be-a-teacher sake, How would I explain to a child that Jesus had two fathers?


You don’t have to go into a lengthy explanation. They don’t want one. Just answer what they asked. Who is Jesus’ real father; God or Joseph. A simple question deserves a simple answer. God the Father is Jesus’ real father! Joseph is more of a stand in.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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