How does one go about becoming a Bishop?


Is it hard?


Advance your pawn all the way across the board. But at that point it would probably be more advisable to become a queen.


Difficulty is a quality best used to describe an activity that is under one’s own control.
I also agree with Leopard, but occasionally a case can be made for underpromotion to a Knight.
So why do you call yourself Pope Noah?


+1 for Leopard.


First you have to become a priest. Then, if a diocese has a vacancy for the episcopate, and you are recommended for it, and selected by the Pope, you might become a bishop.




One does not choose to become a Bishop. One is chosen by Christ to become a Bishop. Some great examples would be Ambrose and Augustine.


Why would a person WANT to become a bishop? The mitre is lined with thorns.


And they did so without being appointed by the Pope. St. Ambrose wasn’t even baptized yet when he was elected by acclamation.


Yep, That’s correct. They were not selected or appointed by the Pope, but were accepted or confirmed by him.




Try this: go up to your priest after Mass next Sunday and ask him for an application. Offer him your Social Security card, as well as your geographic preference and mitre size. Let us know how it goes.


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