How does one know that they have a calling to become a priest?


How does one know that they have a calling to become a priest?


Through prayer.

Lots and lots of prayer.


“To Save a Thousand Souls” by Fr. Brett Brannen is a book that answers all the questions usually ask about becoming a priest. It also explains the discernment process. Your part or may have a copy. How old are you.


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I’d say spending as MUCH TIME AS YOU CAN in front of the Blessed Sacrament and asking God what His will is for you. SPECIFICALLY ask Him if he wants you to be a Priest and if so to give you the grace you need to do so.


I will look into that. I am 16 years old.



In general, feeling an attraction to the priesthood is a good indicator that one is called to become a priest. Either that, or at the very least, feeling that becoming a priest is what he is called to do.

If a man feels that becoming a priest is what he is called to do, or even just has an interest in the priesthood, it is a good idea to talk to a priest about it. A priest will be able to give better advice than us on the internet, because he is better able to answer any questions, concerns, etc.

Another great resource, which was mentioned above, is the book To Save a Thousand Souls.

Prayer, time with Out Lord, and confession are invaluable.









If you ask about the means you can use to know if you have a call to the priesthood, they would be prayer, formation, good readings, and the accompaniment of an experienced priest.
Now, If you ask about the signs that will tell you whether you are called to priesthood, I would list the following:

  • When you read or listen to the gospel and see the relationship between Jesus and the Apostles, you want to live like one of them.
  • Same when you read the life of a Priest Saint.
  • You want to serve your brothers and sisters in the Church, by bringing them the Word of God and the Sacraments.
  • You want to have the same life as Jesus, completely devoted to spreading the Kingdom.

Those signs will be discerned with the means we said above, namely prayer with the Word of God (essential), accompaniment from an experienced priest (necessary as a general rule), and good readings (very useful).

Reasons that should not move you to become a priest:

  • My momma wants a priest son, and I don’t want to disappoint her.
  • It’s so cool to be called “Father” and tell others what to do.
  • I am so mad against that girl that rejected me, so I’m going to throw everything away and enter the Seminary
  • I’m a no-good and I’m ugly, so I have no chances for anything but being a priest.

[UPDATE:] Reasons that should not move you to discard priesthood (that is, if you meet the qualities mentioned at the beginning of the post, the following ones should not discourage you):

  • I’m not too smart: Don’t worry, not every priest is called to be a theologian. Look at St. John Vianney, he wasn’t particularly brilliant in his studies.
  • I like girls: Well, that only means that you are normal. Remember that a married man renounces to every woman but his wife (that accounts for about 3.5 billion women in the world); you would be renouncing to just the same number plus one.
  • It is a huge responsibility, and I’m just an average guy: Good thing that you realize it, the Apostles were completely average guys. “We carry this treasure in earthen vessels”.
  • I have no money for my studies: God will provide.
  • I’m afraid of all the things I must renounce: What you gain is a hundred more than what you renounce.
  • (Suggestions are welcome) :smile:


Speak to your Parish Vocations director. Every call is an individual experience.


A relation knew he wanted to be a priest before he was six years old .Calling must vary a lot .


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