How does one learn tradtional catholisicm?

How does one converting to the Catholic faith learn the traditional faith without being influenced by “lukewarm or heretical” catholics?

Whew! That’s a question that takes in a lot, and hopefully you will get lots of responses and suggestions.

I think one thing to do is to read the Catholic Catechism. That will give you the basics without any watering down. Also, watching EWTN will really help give you the basics. I am a “revert” to Catholicism, having been away for about 38 years, and EWTN has been instrumental in bringing me back to the faith and grounding me in the real faith. Reading some of the church fathers and doctors, such as St. Augustine and Thomas More, and also people like G.K Chesterton will also be tremendously helpful.

And, of course, praying and asking God to lead you and keep you close to him. That is certainly the foundation of everything.

God bless you on your journey, and keep coming back here! :thumbsup:


Originally I wrote a huge post as per this thread but then I realized that if I did then I was going ahead with the modernist attempt to destroy the Catholic Church and replace her with something totally un-Catholic.

“Traditional” Catholicism is a matter of adhering to practice, “traditional” practice as far as the Mass and Sacraments go. This being attending the Extraordinary Rite of Mass and receiving the Sacraments in accordance with it and the pre Vatican II Roman Ritual. To claim otherwise, such as “un-traditional Catholic Doctrines”, is absurd. It is heresy, it is apostacy from the truth. “Un-Traditional Catholic Doctrines” are not Catholic in any way.


EWTN actually helped lead my step-father to the Church. And trust me, this was nothing short of a miracle since he had been a die-hard Protestant for over 64 years.

Now back to the topic… :slight_smile:

Hello kdmay, here is a site that has tons of information.

God Bless

EWTN is awesome! Plus just being here on Catholic Answers has helped me as well. God Bless!

There is a difference between “orthodox” and “traditional.” They are not mutually exclusive, but many who would not self-identify as “traditionalists” are perfectly orthodox. Those who are not “traditionalists” are not de facto “luke-warm” and certainly not “heretical.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is your best bet on learning the whole truth of the Faith. EWTN is an excellent resource.

I second that!

What an enjoyable web-site!
“The Fish Eaters” the title alone cracked me up!! :smiley:

I’d also highly recommend the reading the 1962 Missal printed by the Baronius Press, or the Angelus Press.

Another booklet that has helped me tremendously is “The Rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum”:

It’s a small very affordable 68 page booklet.

RCIA!! Join classes at a local parish… I did and suddenly I saw the light… CATHOLIC NOW…

Fisheaters is NOT the best source to use with regard to orthodoxy BECAUSE it confuses orthodoxy with “tradition.” For example, their information on head covering for women and on cremation is not expressive of the mind of the Church, yet they do not acknowledge the differences between their opinion and Church teaching.

Some suggestions:

Learn most of it not off the Internet; as has been hinted at, you can easily find the wrong people;

Find a good, orthodox Priest to be your Spiritual Director and ask him awkward questions;

Go to Church lots, and again ask people questions.

This might help too. :thumbsup:

They don’t ?

…The 1983 Code of Canon Law (Can. 1176 §3) now reads

The Church earnestly recommends that the pious custom of burial be retained; but it does not forbid cremation, unless this is chosen for reasons which are contrary to Christian teaching. …

They clearly state the Churchs’ position along with their own.

Preceded by:

“it is absolutely against Catholic custom to cremate the body.” (which it isn’t, we simply are not allowed to choose cremation for a reason at odds with Church teaching).

And followed by:

“it sends the wrong message about the proper treatment of the body and its future resurrection, and no Catholic should be cremated if it is at all possible to avoid the historically pagan practice.”

You don’t detect an attempt to constrain the consciences of the faithful where the Church has granted a liberty? I rather do. It’s her prudential judgement, her OPINION, that it sends the wrong message and that no Catholic should be cremated. That isn’t what the Church says. Though the Church earnestly commends burial, it allows/permits cremation, leaving the faithful with the liberty to decide.

OK, fair enough, but the OP asked about traditional catholicism.
Words are slippery things :wink:

All of the Catholic faith is traditional.

Good gosh,…sometimes these petty arguments get tiresome.

kdmay68, here’s what I’d suggest;

Check out the Fish Eaters website, but keep a copies of the Catachism of the Catholic Church and the Douay-Rheims Bible handy for reference. Get a copy of The Rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum,…and read it along with one of the 1962 Missals.

I would also suggest that you try to find a parish with an FSSP Priest, (most are recently trained and in full communion with Rome), and attend Mass at that parish as often as possible. I’m sure there are other options for selecting a Priest, and could get argued with here, but unfortunately I’m only familiar with the FSSP.

:thumbsup: Cheers.

On the lighter side there are a couple of books you might be able to find called, Growing Up Catholic and it’s sequal; More Growing Up Catholic. Humorous views of going to Catholic Schools and Mass written by the kids who did it.:smiley:

for one thing you can stay away from sites and sources that denigrate and dissent from authentic teaching of the Magesterium of the Catholic Church, sites that range from this one to Call to Action, but share in one thing: dissent, division, bitterness and rejection of Christ’s call for unity in his Last Supper discourse.

One definitely has to be careful with websites that include discussion forums – whether CA, Fisheaters or AngelQueen – because they can contain error in individual postings that go unchecked. That said, I do not see where Fisheaters’s informational pages denigrate and dissent from authentic teaching of the Magisterium. I would certainly not lump it in with Call to Action!

Great advice! Thanks.:thumbsup:

Thanks! This is a great site!

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