How does praying to Saints bring one closer to God?


I can understand how the Saints can serve as role models to emulate and imitate while serving as inspiration but how can relying on their intercessory prayers bring us closer to God? For example, I’m a very lazy person, what if I just decided to pray to the Saints because I was too lazy to pray myself? I know I’m looking at it the wrong way, but please explain so.


Mary & St Michael are “both saints” ; start with them


Praying to God and praying to saints takes the same amount of effort.


How does the “laziness” idea even make any sense, though? If you can talk in your head to a saint, you can talk in your head to God.


A Saint is more righteous than you and a prayer of a righteous one avails much!


I guess that’s a wrap but I want to hear other voices, if it’s cool.


Praying to God is something I do all throughout each day. When I pray to saints (mostly Mary, but others too), it’s to ask for their prayers and I think that their intersessions would naturally bring me closer to God. I just feel in my heart that it does. When my youngest daughter ran away from home for a year, I went to our Adoration Chapel every night and prayed to St. Monica, and Jesus, and one night very late, I came out of the Chapel and my daughter was standing there and asked if she could come home. (btw, she is now a wonderful wife and mother of five precious children). I truly believe that we Catholics are so blessed to have been given the gift of our saints, and actually feel sad for other Christians who have no experience in knowing the saints. They always bring us closer to our Lord - how could they not?


We ask the saints to pray for us because their prayers are often more efficacious due to them being perfectly in the state of grace. When they intercede for us and petition the Lord to grant us what is needed (be it forgiveness, spiritual gifts, or actual/sanctifying grace) their prayers merit God’s response because being in heaven they are always acting in accordance with His will. This helps us attain the spiritual gifts to grow closer to God. When we are persistent in prayer our souls become further disposed to receive such grace. Sometimes our persistent prayers can be a form of satisfaction that is owed to God in order to merit the grace we wills to grant us. The saints can assist in many aspects of our spiritual growth.


I suggest praying to Saint Isidore the Farmer to get you out of your laziness, plus the whole point is to make an effort, only you can do that, how can someone intercede for you when you won’t make the first step? Prayer should manifest into productivity, and we have the choice of that.


I also struggle with Laziness. I highly recommend praying the rosary as much as you can as it could really discipline your prayer life, for the most part it’s praying to Mary, which is Queen of all Saints! :slight_smile:


I would add that it seems to me that it pleases God to grant gifts to the saints which can be shared with us on earth. Someone once reminded that more healing miracles in history have occurred through the intercession of saints than directly from God.


We ask our family members and friends and even strangers to pray for us. Christ commanded us to pray for one another.


Sometime I see people praying and giving stuff to the statues or images of saints with their back to the Blessed Sacrament, completely ignoring the image of Christ just because they need something, and for moments i fell outrage and non comprehension. But then I look to them and see people in need, and feel ashamed of judging them. Maybe it’s easier to try to find Jesus Christ in people who became saints, maybe they just think they are not worthy to ask Jesus directly for the things they want? All I can do is pray to Jesus to give them what they really need and give me love and wisdom to understand what I don’t quite get!!


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