How does satan tempt?


I have read many threads about this, and what I read was basically: Satan can’t read your mind, but he can read subtle clues with regard to body language, words spoken, etc.

I understand these things, but my question is what can he do with this information?

Let’s say for example he detects that I’m currently succeptable to a sin of lust. What can he do next? If he can’t literally read my mind, how can he put a specific thought into it to act upon the feeling? (you know, like the little devil on your shoulder whispering into your ear?)
Or how can he cause someone else to take certain actions, such as approach you and tempt you further?

I just can’t think of any concrete steps he can take to further the temptation.

I know there are a lot of question marks here, but the main question is in bold.



Satan knows everything there is to know about you. He works by presenting to everyone, counterfeit versions of what God wants for you. He appeals to your flesh and all temporal desires, and distorts them. In contrast to the self-discipline and spiritual discipline we should practice.

Normal: Eat enough.
Abnormal: Pig out.

Normal: Feminine Beauty is well, beautiful and can be respectfully admired.
Abnormal: Lust and hardcore pornography.

Normal: I’m pregnant by a choice I made and I am now responsible if a baby is the result.
Abnormal: My pregnancy is inconvenient. I can abort.

Normal: My mind needs to be clear and functional. I will find constructive ways to deal with my problems, periods of boredom and free time.
Abnormal: Take ilegal drugs to avoid dealing with problems or boredom or free time in a constructive way. My mind is clouded and my body might be damaged.

Satan is called the “father of lies” by Jesus Christ. He wants you to rebel against God and those who represent God. You may think you are freer or happier or that things have gotten easier, but, in the end, you have only hurt yourself, and sometimes, others as well. By not following the instruction found in the Bible, you leave yourself open to further temptation and further problems.

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