How does the Catholic Church define a "political Right"?

I’m looking for direction on Catholic teaching on political rights. As in, Rights outlined in the US Constitution. Why are these political ‘rights" considered political "rights’ according to the RCC? What is a divine right? How do divine rights relate to political rights or human rights? How does the church define a human right? Are there any (non political) human rights not inquired about above that the RCC addresses? Does the church define or recommend any other “rights” in a political sense?

I will leave the definition of “a formal education” open ended, in order to free up various pros. However, I request that a definition of “education’” still be defined in each original response.

For the purposes of debate/background: the origin of such questions came from a debate with a public school teacher addressing the question: Is education a right? If so, what type of right? Can education even be considered a Human right? or even a divine right? Since the ‘right to education’ is indeed outlined in many US state Constitutions, it would seem that the ‘right to education’ is indeed a political right with the responsibility falling to the respective state.


The Church doesn’t speak of “political rights.” The Church speaks of “human rights.”

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