How does the Catholic Church see marriage in a Lutheran Church?

I was born and raised Catholic. My wife was born and raised Lutheran. We got married in the Lutheran church that she grew up going to because that is where she always wanted to get married. We are now going to have children and we want our faith to be the same before then. We have decided to that she will convert to be a Catholic. When we got married I never spoke to any Catholic clergy members about being married in her Lutheran church. I am now hearing that this might be a problem when she tries to join the Catholic church. What can we do? I wish I would have spoken to someone about this before we were married!


The Catholic Church, of course, does not require that non-Catholics be married in the Catholic Church for validity. But it does require this of Catholics. So it does not recognize your marriage as valid. You will need to have the marriage convalidated (blessed) by the Catholic Church so long as neither of you have been divorced. It should be a simple matter and can be done before she becomes a Catholic. See your priest about this. You are in our prayers. Welcome home.

Fr. Vincent Serpa

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