How does the Catholic Church see our marriage?

I am a Roman- Catholic from Poland. My husband grew up in a christian missionary church. We got married outside the Catholic Church and our ceremony was performed by a baptist pastor. However, the ceremony was full in God’s Presence. We prayed, read Scripture and received blessings in the name of God.
We attend Catholic Church, which will never change. I don’t know whether our marriage is sacramental and wether I can receive Holy communion. We’re planning to renew our vows in Catholic Church in Poland. Do you think it is going to be possible?
Thabk You so much and God bless You!

Hi danielania,

The Catholic Church does not consider your marriage to be valid because you are a Catholic and were married outside of the Catholic Church. You are not allowed to receive Holy Communion until the Catholic Church convalidates (blesses) your marriage.

You need to see your parish priest soon because in the eyes of the Church you are having relations with someone you are not married to and are therefore in the state of mortal sin. You need to take care of this matter before you visit Poland.

You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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