How does the Church choose?

I have been reading these forums for quite some time now, though I only rarely post. One recurring theme that has come to my attention is the mixture of religion and medicine. I am a non-Catholic Christian, thus many of my beliefs do not completely match those of the CC. For example, I have difficulty understanding the CC stance in most areas regarding fertility. It seems to me that if there is a scenario where a pregnancy would place the mother’s life (and by implication that of her unborn child as well), the only response of the CC is that she should use NFP, no matter what. This seems highly illogical. There are preventative medical methods that can be used to prevent pregnancy, not all of which are abortificant in nature, or as a side effect. How would a sterilization procedure be forbidden in such a case, when it is perfectly valid for other preventative surgeries to be done to protect the health of Catholics? Obviously the CC is not opposed to medicine in general, as the Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to be.

They told my mother after she had my sister, who is older than me that if she were to get pregnant again she would die as it was too much for her and she should either abstain from sex or have a hysterectomy.

My parents weren’t Catholic at the time and I didn’t ask whether they used condoms or the pill or nfp but luckily for me my mum got pregnant again (or I wouldn’t be alive) and she didn’t die like they said she would.

You cannot make someone sterile because some doctor says it would be bad for the mother if she got pregnant.

How do you know in five years time they may be able to treat her condition, whatever it is that puts her body in that position?

It comes down to whether its our job to choose who’s going to live or if its Gods job.
If we engage in intercourse without being open to have children we’re in fact abusing the gift of reproduction that we has been given to us by God.
The only purpose of sex is to reproduce, the fact that it feels good does not justify having sex with condoms or any other birth control for that’s sake.
If God wants us to have children we should be happy for his blessing.
I think that answers your question about vasectomy as well.
As the only reason why one would have an vasectomy done is in order to avoid future pregnancy, but keep having intercourse.
If ones having sex without being open to have children, then it’s only about lust and egoism.
Which is sinful.

Sex is also made to bring a man and woman closer but yes it should always be open to children.


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It comes down to whether its our job to choose who’s going to live or if its Gods job.

If that were the case, why would any medical intervention be permitted? After all, doctors are using medicine to “choose” who is going to live.

There are a difference between the use of medical intervention for the sake of saving lives and for the sake of taking lives don’t you think?
And some surgeries are volunteer (like vasectomy).
We are to do our best to save people given the recourses we’re given thereby saving people if a cure or a surgery exist that we’ll help them.

I know that birth control doesn’t seem to kill anybody, but its more about taking matters into our hands that belongs to God only.
If God decides to bless us with children who are we to tell him no?

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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Absolutely nothing I said involved the taking of life so I don’t know where that idea is coming from :confused:.

God gave us minds and creativity. God gave us these tools so that we could learn and grow. God wants us to trust and have faith sure, but he still expects us to take care of ourselves too.

It is not deemed immoral by the CC to use preventative medicine to keep a person healthy in any area except reproduction. Why the inconsistency? Why are there restrictions in this area of human health as opposed to say cardiovascular health?

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