How does the idea of Mel Gibson making a "Les Miserables" movie sound like?

Okay I know that Mel Gibson is very controversial (God help the man) but I can really imagine him making a Les Miserables movie.I’m sorry if I “opened a can of worms” with this.It would be really nice to see him use the vernecular French and have lavish settings for that era like in The Passion of the Christ or like in Apocalypto.Even though it’s possible that he could have the excessive violence like in those mentioned movies (although I would’nt really expect) PG-13 level violence would seem more likely and/or maybe even easier to do.I really hope though that it would’nt send a supposedly bad message like how The Passion of the Christ supposedly had anti-Semitism and Apocalypto supposedly showed how cruel and brutal Mayan society was.Just to say I have’nt seen the whole musical (I’ve only seen little bits of it) or any of the movie adaptations like the 1998 one with Liam Neeson.It would be good if they made all 5 volumes of the book into like 3 hour historical epics with the first three being filmed concurrently (like what was done with the Lord of the rings) and the last two volumes being filmed concurrently.Does any of this sound like a good idea?.Thank you very much for your time and I’d appreciate any responses.

All I have to hear is “Mel Gibson” and I’m done already. No chance of me supporting any of his material.

Mel Gibson making a Les miserables movie would be gloriously bloody and artistic. I’d love it. :smiley:

I support all his works. Excellent actor and director. The passion was as anti Semitic as the bible. The media and hollywood hate him because he made such an excellent movie about the Passion of our Christ.

How do you think it would go over considering that the musical is (supposedly) the world’s most popular musical? Do you think people would be let down and disappointed by the movie, or do you think they would love it?

I personally hate the musical Les Miserables. My husband tries to explain the story to me and why I should like it, but I just hate it. It’s so pointless-why are all those silly people singing and losing their lives over a garbage pile? I’m thinking that perhaps a really good non-musical movie would win me over a lot better than the musical.

I think we can take it for granted that a Gibson film of Les Mis would be a straight drama without any songs in it.

You do realise that Les Mis was one of the world’s most popular novels for 150 years before it was made into a musical?

All of the soldiers of the Confederate States of America were even issued with a pocket copy of Les Mis to carry with them at all times like a Bible. The leaders of the Confederacy believed that the novel symbolised their cause.

Also the Catholic Church has always endorsed the novel, even though it supports revolution against authoritarian kings in order to achieve democracy. Yet the Church in the 19th century and even later was falsely accused of being opposed to democracy, liberty and true liberalism and in favour of absolute monarchy.

**Mel Gibson has his problems, just as we all do. We are fortunate that our mistakes don’t get splashed all over the world.

The man does have a right to make a living, and he knows how to make great movies.
Let him make his movies, and those who who want to see them will see them, and those that don’t, don’t have to.

His movies are violent because much of history has been violent. He just presents the world as it was. His does his homework on how the real history was at the time his movie portrays.

I do find it odd that so much is made of Mel Gibson, ( who never went to jail ), but people bend over back wards to support those who have been ~
Roman Polansky, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Vick, Kelsey Grammer, Paul McCartney, Sean Penn, Tim Allen, a long etc, etc.

As to Les Miz, I’d go see it if he did it straight and not as a musical ( I sure can’t see him doing a musical ).**

Yes, I realize that the book is one of the greatest works of literature. It was required reading for most of the high school English classes while I was growing up. I was in an honors English class, and we read something different (I can’t remember what it was–Tale of Two Cities, perhaps?). I remember being glad that I didn’t have to read it, but now I regret it. I should probably get out my husband’s copy (he had to read it) and improve my brain by reading it. Good summer project!

I hate the musical, not the work of literature. I’m fairly certain that the musical has left out a lot that would make the story more plausible and more touching. To me, the story in the musical is just plain silly.

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