How does the relationship of the Spirit in the OT differ from the Spirit after Pentecost?


How does the relationship of the Spirit in the OT differ from the Spirit after Pentecost?


Great question (hello MrPolo--this is HisAgain from CF :)). The one thing I noticed is that His personhood is clearer in the NT. My theory: after Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was free to be active among humans because of Jesus' sacrifice. The personhood of the Holy Spirit is not stressed in the OT because He did not play as major a role in human affairs as He does after Pentecost.

The Hebrews probably misunderstood the Spirit to be simply a part of the Father, but Jesus cleared that up when He commissioned the Spirit to be our comforter and helper.


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How does the relationship of the Spirit in the OT differ from the Spirit after Pentecost?


Definitely good question. I'm looking forward to the rest of the answers.
My first thought is that the Holy Spirit was, is and will always be the same. BUT our interaction and knowledge of the HS was different in the OT and after Pentecost.

If you go back into the OT and look for the HS working you will see it all over the place. The only difference is that they didn't know about the Triune God. They just knew him as God the Father.


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Great question (hello MrPolo--this is HisAgain from CF :)).


Thanks for the input. You may call me Marco here. :tiphat:


It sounds like perhaps the degree of manifestation is simply greater? We also have a union of our spirit with the Holy Spirit’s now. The Spirit operates in every person?


I havent seen this answer and it is the one Jesus gives in his teaching.
1 Jesus said to the teachers and leaders, that
2 He had to come because they (Jews) were so obstanant unable to teach,
he said
3 he did not come to change the OT, but to FULFILL it, so the old laws are still alive however fulfilled in that as Jesus tells up that the teachers say if they kill then it has happened, Jesus said that it is not so for with His comming it is now, "if you THINK of killing", or breakiing any of the ten commandments then you have done it.
4 Jesus says that a tree is no good unles it is cut to the ground to die for the new sapling to grow, (that is new life in the spirit).
jesus also
5 had to come and to die (for our sins, from the beginning of time to until the end of time) and leave in the sence for the "helper" the Holy Spirit to come, to enter into our spirit the gifts of the spirit and the fruits of the spirit found in Galations 5.
BUT Jesus tells us also
6 that in His having come he will NEVER ever leave us as orphans.
7 Jesus also tells us that HE is the only way to the Father, NO ONE comes to the Father but through Him (Jesus).
Jesus tells us tha tHe also had to come
8. to open the doors for those of the old testement to be able to come to the Father.
The OT had prophets and Judges, these people are never used in the NT unless God ordains this to be otherwise we have the Word of God in the Bible and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, read
Galatians 5: 22: 1 Corinthians12..13: Matt 5: 3 ..10. James 3: 5..11.
All give the new testement versions of the fulfilment of the OT.

These are some of the answers.



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