How Does This Interview Affect You As A Roman Catholic?

I agree on catechesis.

Disagreeing with forum members is fine, but did you even watch the video ? CITH was not the norm and was not introduced by Rome. It was introduced, from the bottom rung of the ladder, without permission or approval from Rome and continued for some time before the indult was granted.

If you did watch the video, what parts of the Bishop’s catechesis on the matter do you reject ? You can’t continue to defend CITH without rejecting the Bishop’s catechesis on the matter. :shrug:

And given the numbers of people whom i have met who do NOT believe in the Real Presence, and practice CITH, my comment DOES hold. Surveys have fount the same thing…
Also, did you notice that i said: “…the GENERAL consequence…”. That`s a big difference from saying: “…EVERY CITH receiver…”.

Your very definite and self-assuredt way of espressing yourself is more than a bit offputting: i`m not infallible, and neither are you! Could you tone it down a bit?

It is your premise that CITH has caused a loss of reverence and a loss of belief in the Real Presence, but that is the same old post hoc ergo propter hoc argument that keeps being dragged out by those who don’t like CITH, and ignores any and all events since the end of Vatican 2 that have had an impact on belief, or lack of it. It is far easier to condemn something you don’t like as the source of a problem than it is to actually do some research on what has occurred in the last 40 years.

Every little downward movement is another hammer blow against Truth. im not thick enough to "think" that CITH is the sole culprit. Something which originates from disobedience isnt always so good, though.

As far as doing research goes, did you notice, in that earlier post, that i was born in 1954? So much of what has happened since has been so blatantly and painfully obvious that theres no need to do any research. Each (perceived) downward jolt hit me like the proverbial house brick between the eyes. If theyd really been bricks, there wouldve been enough to build a decent sized house! As stated on my first post on this thread, i wasnt even receiving the Sacraments, but still could see that things were going wrong. Even “blind Freddie”…

It also ignores the large numbers of people who do believe in the Real Presence and receive CITH; they are just to be ignored, as if all CITH recipients no longer believed.

See above.

Fail to properly catechize (and the change form the Baltimore Catechism was the source of that strating) and it doesn’t matter where you take that individual or how they receive; the base is simply not there.

i didnt intend to suggest that there should be no catechesis, but, given equal catechesis, COTT would reinforce the Truth better than CITH would. In any case, thats my conviction.

The Roman rite has had individuals receiving in the hand for the last 800 years - it was practiced by the Franciscans. They didn’t fall apart in that 800 year period, and if the order is having problems now, it is not due to CITH.

There`s a big difference between a religious order and us peasants in the pews.

Anyway, if we keep this up, well end up being booted in the teeth by a Moderator for being WAY off topic (Hed have every right to.). There are already threads in this place re Communion on the tongue versus CITH. At Trents intention wasnt to start yet another brawl, and i don`t want to be part of one on this thread, either.

This thread`s under “Traditional Catholicism”, so…

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