How does your family play together?


What things do you do with your spouse & kids all together?


Bike Ride




Play Sports (mostly soccer & baseball)

Play Games


Feed Ducks


Watch Movies (weekends only)


We have one teenage son, we watch movies, we listen to music, we have lively discussions, DH and DS play music together, we boat together, we cook together, we pretty much just enjoy life together!


We go camping all summer long. What sometimes sounds more like, “Would you PLEASE tell her to move her junk OFF my side of the bunk!” And “WHY can’t I have SIX s’mores?” and “SHUT that door you’re letting the mosquitoes in!” is actually quality family time for us. We have the pictures to prove it. :wink:

Besides that, we love the theater so we go as a family to all sorts of plays - from Broadway in Chicago to local high school performances.


On the weekends we go on a long family bike ride… and then usually go to Disney for a few hours…

We enjoy watching movies together, going on long walks around our neighborhood, swimming in the springs, etc, etc…


Downhill skiing is by far and away our favorite family activity followed by boating, trying different ethnic restuarants, traveling, biking and, when it rains on our parade, a family movie.


swimming, beach, bushwalking, singing/listening to/making music, reading, building elaborate train tracks*, visiting model train shows*, riding on steam trains*, rumbling, watching dvd’s, going to the park, playing make-believe, drawing/colouring, cooking, talking, playing games, hanging out at home doing nothing much at all, just enjoying one another’s company.

  • I actually opt out of most things “trains” and let the boys have some Father & Son time. Somehow I just can’t seem to muster up the same level of enthusiasm for them. :rolleyes:


the only thing DH and I do together is play bridge with other couples, go to a movie about once a year, and swim each evening.

with our family we play euchre, hearts, crazy 8 and other boxed card games like uno etc., board games, and made-up games like treasure hunts and wide games. the games are no fun unless there is some type of gambling, some kind of prize, or some kind of penalty for the losers, and they must be played in teams, and should involve, even with board games, some kind of physical activity or challenge as well. you should see our monopoly and risk games, which happen all over the house and yard, not just on the board. We also have “Ohio rules” for many games with variations to make them more interesting.

the family activity that is beginning to chew up a lot of time when we visit grandkids is attending their various sports practices and games. 7 kids, 7 sports, 7 teams, in 7 locations at any one time in the summer.

another ritual for our summer visit is to join DD and grandkids at girl scout day camp for a week, since I am still registered as a volunteer in that council. They guys just golf when they get a chance. Another thing that has become a ritual when we get together at home or on family vacations and reunions is minor league baseball games, we have seen about 20 teams so far in at least 8 different parks.


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