How does your parish advertise RCIA?

Many parishes begin their formal RCIA catechetical sessions in September. Does your parish make any special efforts during the summer especially, to invite people to RCIA? How are your parishioners encouraged to evangelize?

It is usually in the bulletin for at least a month before the sessions start. Also there are often a speaker or two before and/or after mass that speaks about it coming up and inviting people to attend the sessions and talk to them after mass a week or two before it starts.

our program is year round, except July, and we publish montly blurbs in the bulletin, update the webstie page periodically, and have pulpit announcements about 4 times a year. we also formally invite parents and other adults in the family when they bring children to CCD registration (usually for sacramental prep). the new parishioner packets also have a flyer for RCIA and adult classes

our parish participates in the diocesan evangelization program, Disciples in Mission, now entering its third year

Besides all of the above we put announcements in our local paper. We have year round RCIA.

We also have a year round catechumenate, although in the summer sessions are usually one on one or involves having them view videos at home and books to read. I also interview all parents coming in to baptise their kids and sometimes find inquiers that way. Today a woman came in whose child wants to be an altar server. In finding out she was not Catholic I asked her if she ever considered it and she said she has considered. Sometimes someone just needs to invite.

I know it has been in our bulletin for several weeks now and classes start in October I think.

Besides notices in the bulletin, our pastor sends invitations to non-catholic spouses and reletives.

Thank you for your replies.
Now – if only we could get people to read the bulletin (let alone our announcements). :slight_smile:

These are the most common methods. The problem I see is that it makes the announcement to those who are already Catholic. Most people in RCIA do come from family to family or friend to friend exchanges. The way I see it we need to get the message out to those who are unchurched. We almost need to put flyers on cars at the local mall or shopping center, maybe the local Protestant Community parking lot while they are in Sunday services. (just kidding, lol) Has anyone tried a Catholic information table at the local shopping mall or city park? Does anyone use radio or TV adds or adds in the local newspaper. How about neighborhood door to door teams?

this is the next phase of Disciples in Mission, Diocese has the ads, parishes do the home visits, taking parish census at the same time.

Does it also have the Protestant parking lot visits as phase three? LOL

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