How Donald Trump Gained Power Over Senate Republicans With His Supreme Court List


He picked their friends, mentors and even family members for the job. Now let’s see them oppose his agenda.

Nearly everyone on Trump’s list has close ties to Republican senators. As Politico reported, one potential nominee is a close acquaintance of Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). Another is a former professor of Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.). Another is a longtime favorite of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). Thomas Lee, a Utah Supreme Court justice, is the brother of Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah.).
In life under President Trump, it’s not hard to imagine that these senators would consider the prospect of seeing their old friend, mentor or brother appointed to the Supreme Court (or, conversely, removed from Trump’s list) when weighing the White House’s legislative agenda.

So much for the best man for the job.


And the fact they have close ties to Republicans is bad news how?

I’m happy they don’t have ties to Democrat senators. :thumbsup:

If you want to find a negative in all this, it is perhaps evidence that Trump is a politician like anyone else who’s been running.


There are certainly interesting aspects to it. Usually, once you’ve won your party’s nomination, you pivot to the middle. Here, Trump is still having to shore up his base, which means he thinks his message for the middle is so strong (and his support there so good), he doesn’t have to worry about pivoting. And I think he may be right. His views on economic populism are resonating. His base in the middle loves the aggressive postures. They won’t care how well qualified the Supreme Court nominees are. But the social conservative will. And that’s who needs courting.

I still think Trump has a very narrow path to the White House, but this was a good political move on his part.


Yes, he appears to be quite the political animal. Was there ever any doubt?


Actually, it is an amazing list! Who did you expect him to pick, card carrying ACLU members, such as Ruth Ginzberg?:eek:


Good point.

If he picks conservatives, critics will dog-pile on him and say “he’s just faking, this is all just cronyism / nepotism / etc.”

If he doesn’t, then the same critics will turn around and say “see, we were right, he was a liberal all along”, and then go and vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am no fan of Mr. Donald “I Have A Sweeter Disposition Than Donald Duck” Trump, but he absolutely cannot be worse than the alternative. He ought to be given a fair chance. :slight_smile:


He could be as bad as the alternative. Yet, he has shown a willingness to move to the right and be consistent regarding his plans regarding SC nominees. Whether that holds up over the remainder of the election cycle remains to be seen. I’m at about 70/30 at this point regarding favoring Trump over 3rd party. Clinton isn’t an option.


I agree.Donal Trump on his worst day is still better than HillRy Clinton on her best day.


:thumbsup: I agree. He is certainly better than the alternative so he gets my vote. I have never missed voting since my first vote for president and I refuse to vote for a third party. They absolutely have no chance to win and I am not happy with what has happened in the past with third party votes. I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump and pray that he does a good job. We (not me) elected Obama and gave him a chance and look where we are now. It can’t get any worse other than electing Hillary who will continue his policies.


I’m not a Trumpette, but I’m glad to see a Republican finally playing the game. Of course the nominees have connections to Republican politicians. The adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know” IS the political game. (Sort of works like that in all of life btw).

The Democrats have no inkling to waste one iota of political power in their nominees, and somehow the best the Republicans feel they can put up recently is John Roberts??? A good man, but thinks the government should get to do what they want to do. (Maybe he could be refreshed on the concept of Separation of Powers)

For decades the Republicans put up middle of the road people hoping they won’t get criticized by the press (won’t happen). The Democrats put up far left and farther left, knowing their agenda moves forward no matter who is chosen.

Maybe prayers of the Faithful are having influence within a very broken system.


The profession of politics (Governmental or Corporate) is all about who you know so it’s not suprising that they nominees would have ties to Republicans.

It will be interesting to see the process play out.


That’s always possible. But as you said, he’s shown that he’s willing to work with others rather than stubbornly pursue his own goals, and some of the stances he’s taken (whatever one might speculate about his motives) are very refreshing after 8 years of Obama. Of course, I’m just an outsider looking in (though given the importance of the USA, what happens to your country affects us all! ;)) but somehow I feel The Donald is a better choice than The Hillary. :wink:


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