How easy is it to become pregnant and spontanous abortion

Just to educate Catholics on this forum.

Getting pregnant is more difficult then it seams. I have heard Docs say that 70% of fertilized eggs do not carry to term because of spontanous abortions. A spontanous abortion is when the woman’s body fails to carry the conceptus and it is expelled by the body. Also, if the fertizlied egg has genetic abnormalities, it has a higher chance of being rejected by the body and being spontanously aborted.


Trust me, I know this all to well.

**But, this is not abortion. **It’s miscarriage. Usually called early miscarriage, and, yes, it is very frequent. It occurs in even in the healthiest and most fertile of couples.

**Abortion is when the woman does something to intentially take/destroy the life of her precious child within. **

**I have a condition that causes this, so, mine just happens to be more frequent than most. **

**Are you going through this right now? Feel free to private message me if you ever need to talk about this. :slight_smile: **

According to the medical definition of “abortion”, yes, this is abortion.

Using different terms for miscarriage and abortion is a political distinction. The medical community uses the word “abortion” for both.

Once, I looked very foolish in a debate with a pro-choicer because I didn’t know this.

I think the term you’re looking for is “procured abortion”, which refers to the intentional act of abortion.

sigh…yes, I never realised this either until we ttc, but of 5 fertilised eggs, 3 made it no further than a few weeks…it was ‘early days’, but I was just as distraught as I’d have been if it had happened later, the moment you see those 2 lines you see a ‘future’:frowning:

Anna x

I read that it was 50% of fertilized eggs, not 70%.

Why do you bring this up?

Is it true that when one has a very heavy flow during menstruation, that it is most likely a miscarriage?

I have had those a couple of times and wonder :confused:

Not necessarily. The flow is determined by endometrial thickness also. And as you get older, there is a lot of hormonal fluctuation that can make periods erratic in spacing as well as duration and quality. Also, a thin lining is hostile to an embryo, so more likely to lead to chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage.

I doubt it. This might be TMI, but I had some incredibly heavy flows back when I was a young girl and a virgin, so maybe a heavy flow is just a heavy flow. There’s not really any way of knowing.


This seems a rather imperious statement. Why do you assume that we are *not *informed about the topic of spontaneous abortions/miscarriages?

Seventy percent seems higher than any number I’ve seen before. Do you have a sorce for this?

Excellent point!

I use the term “induced abortion” versus “spontaneous abortion.”

While I respect the feelings of those who are uncomfortable with the term spontaneous abortion, I do not mind using it. It is the correct medical term and I am MAD that people with evil intentions took the word which describes this sad and unavoidable event and turned it into what we see today.:mad: I lost two children to spontaneous abortion/miscarriage and they were the two worst events of my life.

What is the point here? Seems like you saying that staying pregnant and carrying a baby to term is more difficult than it seems. We know this. Having a baby is a miracle.

Why do you feel like you are educating us Catholics. For those of us who are open to life and have more children in heaven than on earth due to this condition know this oh to well.

I guess what I am wondering is what are you trying to get at?

The source; What I learned on my OB GYN rotation and my GF who reminded me about this fact yesterday in coversation. She is a doctor.

My reason; I find it interesting to share knowledge. Not everyone knows about this, I didn’t know until I completed my own medical training. I found it interesting.


So, you don’t have an *actual *source, like a peer reviewed study for example.

Did they teach you any bedside manner in medical school? You might want to employ some of those principles to your posts.

This is actually true, and you can find it in a book published by the Mayo Clinic. I believe the figure is 50%. This is interesting because of the people who complain that this happens to women on the pill. How do you know it wouldn’t have happened naturally?

How do you know that it would have happened naturally?

That’s like saying that it’s okay to kill your senile 75-year-old grandfather because he might have died of a heart attack anyway.

It unfortunately happens to many women, at some point in their life or another. Even women who are not taking the pill. Some women have factors in their body that can cause this frequently, potentially every single cycle.

There is really no way to accurately test for pregnancy when this starts happening, usually during your regular period. It might come a few days early, or start a few days late. It often feels and looks just like a regular, or slighty more intense period. You would not suspect miscarriage, until its too late. You often do not know at all. Which is the case for myself, save a couple of times that I remember my period being very uniquely different. This might have been when this occured, but, as false positives or negatives can easily occur early on (usually before 4-5 weeks along,) it was really too early to tell for sure.

**I do NOT, NOT, NOT take the pill, but my body has a condition which has the potential to cause these conditions naturally. It may never occur, it may occur every cycle, or just every few. I don’t know. But I know my body has these conditions and its heartbreaking to think about my only children (we are unable to have children of our own so far) dying before they are ever born. :frowning: **

I take hope and consolation only in the fact that my babies, if they were lost due to this condition, are safetly in their heavenly home with a better family than we could ever hope or imagine being for them.

**This thread is really insensitive to those of us who have this problem, do not take birth control, and are already very upset to think what could (or does) happen to us (and our precious little ones) potentially every cycle. :frowning: **

When it happens because of the pill, it is the *intentional *killing of a child-- it is an *induced *abortion under the guise of “contraception”.

When it happens naturally, it is just like any other natural death. We all die, you know.

**Thank you! And BLESS YOU for clearing that up in far less space than it took me! :smiley: **

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