How easy is it to become pregnant and spontanous abortion


This is a very disturbing statement. There are many of us who have this happen and we are not on the pill. Please do not equate us with those who willing take the life of their children. Our children may not still be with us here on earth but we still love and would have loved to have them with us. No matter what their condition "might’ have been.


I certainly was not trying to disturb anyone with my post, I was just trying to state the facts. My source is the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, Second Edition, published in the mid 1990’s. It is on Page 197 under Miscarriage. It says:

“About 50 percent of all fertilized eggs spontaneously abort, most of them before a woman has any idea she is pregnant. The percentage of miscarriages in women who know they are pregnant is about 10%.”

Now, I realize that this quote was from a book written in the 1990’s. I don’t think they had the pregnancy tests that they have these days where women can find out if they are pregnant by buying a test at the drug store. I’m not even sure how far along a woman has to be before a test from the drug store will reveal that she is indeed pregnant.

I know that this is a hard thing for a woman to go through. I went through it myself, many years ago before my hysterectomy. I am definitely not unsympathetic.


Don’t think I’ve seen an actual link to a source yet, so I went to a source I trust and found a much lower percentage:

From, [the website for Dr. Hilgers’ research and teaching arm (30 years experience) of the Pope Paul VI Institute] under the link “Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion”:

Underlined emphasis is mine.

OP–maybe you and your girlfriend might benefit from contacting PPVI Institute for extra supplementaton to your medical training? We need more Creighton trained physicians!:thumbsup:

I am going to give you the charitable benefit of the doubt, after checking your profile and reading some of your earlier posts. You may have started this thread as a helpful bit of trivia, but as I have learned myself during my time on CAF, always be prepared to have your own mind challenged and/or changed! Folks really know their stuff here!:wink:


When I was pregnant w/ my oldest (who will be 14 Tuesday), I could buy a test that gave an answer before I otherwise would have had my period.

I do have to question how they come to the conclusion that a pregnancy occurred if “lost before the mother knows”. Unless they test every woman who is having her period for hcg, I can’t see it–unless they are using numbers from unsuccessful IVF (hmm, just another reason amongst the many for why IVF should not be used?)–and extrapolating from that to every woman is a stretch that doesn’t seem reasonable. In short, I want to see what proof they have for stating that any percentage of pregnancies are lost before the mother even realizes she’s pregnant, not just various ‘experts’ claiming that it happens in x%.


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