How easy is your job?


I don’t have a job yet…still going to college, but I did have a part-time job teaching Karate to small kids and it was painful as hell!


There is generally a direct link between how much you enjoy your job and the perceived ease of the job.


Yeah! Kids sure kick hard, don’t they??!!

How easy is your job going to be? It depends on what your job is. Most jobs have difficult parts and boring routine parts.

Do you really want a job to be easy? That could get quite boring and lead to your performing it in a sloppy manner.

We all need some level of challenge in our work - not so much that it stresses us out, but at least some, or we would never get promoted.

I am supposedly retired - I say “supposedly” because, although I retired from full time work 4 months ago, I have two part-time jobs (one that I get paid for and one that is voluntary). I am also involved in some craft and have signed up for Art classes, so I am busier than I was when I worked full time!

Both of my part time jobs are fairly easy, because I am doing work (accounts) that I have done for most of my working life. It is easy, also, because I am good at it. But still, at times, I am challenged by the work - particularly when I have to unravel the bad work someone else did! I need to be somewhat of a detective then!!

Remember, easy or difficult, we can learn from every job we do. Martial arts teaches discipline and you can see examples of that from even the smallest of the kids you taught in Karate class.

For myself, I do not want a job to be totally easy (I bore easily), but I do not want the stress level I suffered a couple of times with jobs. The stress, however was not with the jobs, per se, but with the people who made unreasonable demands.

Perhaps I have given you something to think about.

God Bless.


My Security job is currently on this set up. Two days in a truck patroling three hotels during which I listen to the radio, or podcasts over my cellphones built in MP3 player via it’s loudspeaker occasionally getting out to do a foot patrol. Then two days on foot while making foot rounds every 30 minutes or so at a small hotel then spend time in the lobby with the TV (management is fine with this) and keeping an eye on the one way to come in and out of the area in a car between rounds.

This is when all is fine. Other things I’ve delt with was a rape attempt, which took the odd turn in that the 90 pound “victim” was assulting her 6’ 250 pound “attacker” while screaming rape then turned on me! She tried to get us both locked up but then turned on the cops!

Needless to say it can have heart pounding moments.


[FONT=“Georgia”]What I do isn’t ‘rocket science,’ as they say…but it’s not ‘easy,’ either. I am in sales and marketing, and what makes it tough (at times) is the up and down of it…as long as I stay positive, and surrender my day to the Lord, in all things–the day becomes effortless, and more fun. I enjoy what I do, but it has its challenging days, for sure. I think sales is great though because one has unlimited income potential, and it provides a flex schedule. On the easy scale 1 being hardest, 10 being super easy, I’d say it’s a 6. :)[/FONT]


It differs from day to day. Mainly depends on whether or not I’ve had enough coffee…:smiley: Overall, I’d say 5, but I have more good days than bad, so I can’t complain.


Hmm . . . I don’t think of it as being “hard” because I love it so much. I wouldn’t say it’s “easy”, though, because I do put lots of time and effort into it. (but I like doing it!)

I’m a middle school teacher :thumbsup:.


My job (electrical design engineer) is mentally draining - both the design work from a mental standpoint and the political aspect in dealing with certain personalities. It’s hard because projects NEVER end. There’s never a sense of “completeness” or being able to go home and start over new the next day. 8 years into my job and I’m still working on some of the same projects and designs. Not very fulfilling. :frowning:


Easy and hard are subjective. I think my job is easy, and interesting. DH can barely keep his eyes open when I talk about work.

Physically my job is Ok, not a “hard” job in that sense. But mentally my job can be very trying. But it also has its boring, routine moments. Plus its hard to leave at the office, so to speak. I find myself constantly thinking about work.

What are you studying? Is it something that interests you? That is IMO important.


Now, being a parent is 24/7…and the pay is quite low. :smiley: But, I have found it to be the MOST rewarding out of any job I have held. :thumbsup: It does come with fringe benefits…lots of hugs Well, sometimes, my 16 yr old son doesn’t hug me as much as he did when he was a toddler. :o Truthfully, raising kids to go out into the world some day, as holy, productive, and well adjusted human beings…can be challenging at times, but a most fulfilling experience. :heart:


It is easy apart form all of the traveling I have to do. I think last year I accumulated 250,000 frequent-flyer miles and this year it looks like I will have even more.


I work for the USAF as a civilian doing secretary work for a squadron commander… it’s not very easy, but it helps pay the bills. I go to nursing school in the evenings… so I have a pretty full life. I would say definatly with work and school combined, that it is NOT easy at all. If I was just working though, it would be pretty easy. Scheduling appointments, making phone calls, etc etc isn’t too bad :slight_smile:


The actual work for my job is pretty easy and I do it well. Dealing with the stupid managers is more work than anyone should have to deal with, however.


Really depends on the day and the crew I’m working with. I have the best job there is. So, that helps alot.


You beat me to it. :slight_smile: This is 100% true. I work in a lab and my job is very technical. I’m on my feet all day. I have to do calculations all day - yes, I still used that dreaded calculus I was forced to learn years ago. I have to check my quality control constantly and if it’s not in control I start all over. I have to answer to my boss who is a stickler about my data. Etc. BUT, my job is super easy because I love it so much and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am very fortunate to have found a great place to work and I hope to retire where i am.


I hate to point this out but it’s hard to become a manager with an attitude like yours.


Easy is a relative term in this case…what one person believes is easy, another may find impossible.

I enjoy my current role, but the company I work for sometimes makes decisions that negatively impact employees and that is distressing. God has been good to me in placing me in a department that utilizes my skills and training. Some days I have to take a deep breath and a stroll around the building, other days are full of laughter and teamwork.


In a sense, I have two jobs. You can’t quite stop being a lawyer. That’s generally rarely easy because you always need to make sure you don’t miss anything. If something looks easy, that’s just another piece of incentive to check again. The moment you start going by memorised routine, you’re in for trouble - I suppose the same’s true with martial arts.

The job I’m doing right now is translation - mostly legal but not only. It can be hard, very hard. Translating, say, 40 pages in a day or 60 in a 24 hour cycle can be quite draining and some of the other doods take up so many contracts they sometimes can’t sleep for a night or two but need to go on - and without making mistakes! I try to avoid those situations, even at the cost of earning less, because I don’t believe it’s worth your health. What doesn’t kick back now will still kick back by the time you’re old. All the typing (hands), sitting in a chair (backbone), not going out (whatever’s related to eyes or oxygen)…

If I can give you any advice, make sure the way you do your job is as safe for your health as it can be without significantly impairing your duties. Whatever it is you need. Breaks, fresh air, natural light, change of positions of this or that part of your body, this or that kind of gymnastics to loosen up some muscles. A doctor specialising in occupational medicine or some such person should be able to help you.


I have two jobs. The first one I can honestly say that I enjoy coming to work every morning. The getting up part, not so muc I enjoy seeing my coworkers, the kids and what I do.:slight_smile: The other one, no so much. Me and several other coworkers had our hours cut and/or rearraged and given to new hires. One of my coworkers was not given any hours. She put in her two weeks notice, that same day. . Last year we had with three specific people thinking they could be absent how many times they wanted. Hopefully our management will crack the whip.

I will give the OP the best advice you ever will hear: Do not work with the people you live with.


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