How exactly does a priest forget the sins you confessed?


This is interesting. It is a single study based on (presumably) a limited culture. It would be interesting to read the entire study, rather than a 7 paragraph Telegraph article about it. Do you have any other links to more detailed information?

We know nothing about how this study was completed. Who categorize this ends? Did the priest himself keep track or were people given a survey? I just say that this single study isn’t enough to paint with such a broad brush.


Yeah, to me as well. I wonder where that “statistic” comes from.

Okay, I see the link, but still…
I am in agreement for myself with the number one for women though.


A bio of the Vatican priest behind the report I referenced above. I’m guessing he might have known a thing or two about proper data collection and analysis.


I just thought it was because of how many confessions a priest hears over his career.


I’m not questioning the study itself or the priest who conducted it. But a short news article tells us very little about the study itself. For example, how close were the results? Were they fairly evenly distributed? Or were there some sins that stood out dramatically from the rest? Did envy cover 70% a woman’s confessed sins, with the remaining 6 deadly sins spread out over the additional 30%? Additionally, while a single study can be instructive, it would be irresponsible to draw firm conclusions from just one study.


I guess it would take a lot for you to accept a study with results you don’t like. I’ll bet you aren’t as critical of one that affirms any view you have.


Actually, I am. I am very critical of a short news article that gives very vague information. It isn’t that I fail to accept the study at all. I just want to read the study. I’m interested in it. I want to know the methodology, I want to know the numbers. The news article was a teaser. I am a facts and figures kind of person. I love data analysis and this article gave no data.

Of course men and women sin differently (in general). We are made differently and it only makes sense.


Most studies are worthless compared to experience. Arguing with studies is a losing battle.


Yeah that whole ‘women can be a priest’ is pride, envy, dissent all rolled up into one. What feminism has wrought. Sad.

As far as your second point. I’ve hung with some women that had no problem taking care of business as the need arose. lol

And then there is the age ol’ question…does a bear micturate in the woods?


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