How far do you drive to attend the TLM?

The indult is a 30 mile, 40 minute drive for me one way.

150 miles. i’ve never been, but i’ve dreamed…:gopray2:

31.2 miles - 32 minute drive for us.


I know a man who drives about an hour.

the sad thing is, i’m in college station, the most conservative town in texas (most likely). the texas a&m aggies are the very definition of “tradition” when it comes to universities. planned parenthood has called our town “the most anti-choice community in the USA”. the catholic student center is one of the largest vocation-producers in the country.

if anywhere in this country a TLM could thrive, it’d be here. but, no dice. not sure why. maybe i should talk to the bishop next time my schola sings for a confirmation…:hmmm:

if any FSSP priests/seminarians are reading…pm me with suggestions to get you guys here. you’d be very welcomed and very well-funded…:wink:

It only takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get to my TLM parish (St. Francis de Sales, Mableton, GA). I’m very lucky.

15-20 minutes unless there’s there’s a traffic problem on I-75–yeah, we’re spoiled here in Motown.


About 30-40 minute drive, one way.

Boy, I have to travel all of 3.2 miles to get to Mass. Just lucky I guess. I know we have people who attend that drive up to 150 miles one way. I have to admire their devotion. Heck, I know people I have invited to come the the TLM and they said it was too far–all of about 15 miles one way.

for us, it is about a 15 min drive when traffic is good, and about 20 when it is full. total travelling time when roads are not full is about 30 min both ways.

39 miles one way, takes about 40 minutes. With 4 young kids I only brave the drive about once a month. Also, once a month, we go to a Byzantine Divine Liturgy which is about 10 miles away.

What drives me crazy is that my home parish is beautiful and perfectly set up for a TLM: high altar, communion rails, a priest willing to celebrate the TLM, etc. We even have a bunch of people asking for it, but the bishop refuses. As a matter of fact we are forbidden to even use the communion rails and the priest cannot use the high altar.

24 to the indult, 25 to my reverent NO (both parishes are next door neighbors), 5 miles to the parish in which I actually reside.

5-10 minutes :smiley:

That’s really sad. The good thing is that the indult parish still has the communion rails and they use them for the NO. I sometimes go to their late afternoon NO Mass on Holy Days of Obligation. It is so nice to receive Our Lord kneeling down like I did when I was a child.

280 kilometers one way. It takes a day trip to get there and back, (FSSP) so I don’t go often, but every time I have gone, it has been well worth it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t like receiving our Lord standing. My wife refuses to take Communion standing and will kneel before the priest (she and one other lady are the only ones who do that in a parish of 1500 or so). I love my traditionalist wife, she make me look like a wimp.

20-25 minutes to St. Josaphat in Detroit.

Really??? I did not know that.

It takes me about 20-30 minutes.

Gratia et pax vobiscum,

Oh, about 3-4 miles… :o


you ppl make me sick :stuck_out_tongue:

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