How far is reasonable to walk to Mass?

I have recently had some health issues evolve with my leg and am now on 24/7 medication that now impairs my ability to drive safely. I live on a rural island the closest parish would require about eleven miles of walking. Under such circumstances, would my obligation be suspended? Should I perhaps ask the priest here to visit me or perhaps arrange for the sacraments to be brought to me at home?

No reasonable person could expect someone with leg problems to walk eleven miles to and from Mass each Sunday. Whether or not your obligation is therefore suspended depends on if you have other options for getting to Mass. I recommend talking to your pastor and asking for assistance in finding a fellow parishioner who could give you rides to Mass, possibly in exchange for help with gas. Only if there are no reasonable options for getting to Mass on Sunday does the Sunday obligation cease to bind. In a case like that, then yes, you could ask the parish to have EMHCs bring you Communion and a priest to visit you for confession and (when needed) anointing of the sick.

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