How far is to far concerning restitution?

I was deleting all my pirated music the other day and I realized a lot of my music was on my old family computer which has startup issues and can never log in properly. I know I need to delete the songs to make restitution, but what if I can’t delete them without getting the computer repaired? The songs are still on the hard drive so I still posses them. Do I need get the computer fixed just so I can get rid of the music? Or am I able to just not use the computer. PS: I’m talking with my SD a week after this Sunday so I want to know if I am able to receive communion. Pax

Why do you think you need to delete the songs to make restitution? This might be a good thing to do if you can. But I would think just not listening to them would be sufficient. I certainly don’t think it makes sense to invest significant time or money into repairing a computer just to delete songs.

Copyright infringement is a civil matter. You broke the civil law. Was this grave matter? I don’t know, but I would think many instances, and maybe most, are not. If you have confessed then you have been forgiven for this sin.

I was told by a priest that we must delete pirated software, music, etc… To make restitution.

This makes sense but I would think that as with anything there is a limit. If you can’t get on a computer then you can’t delete the songs. If it would take a lot of time or money to get the computer working then it doesn’t make sense to do that just to delete songs. You could just dispose of the computer. I don’t know why you keep around a computer that doesn’t work. If you are thinking it may be repaired someday then delete the songs when that day comes. I think the most important thing would be to not make use of the material. But you ought to speak with the priest to see what he says. Again, I think you should be fine to receive communion since the sin itself was forgiven.

My mother wants to get the pictures off of it one day. I just don’t feel comfortable leaving the songs on. I probably shouldn’t trust my conscience right now though because I’m scrupulous.

see that same priest about scruples.

Then ask the priest your question. And again, believe and obey him UNCONDITIONALLY.

And for the love of all that is holy, receive Communion.

If the computer can’t be started, then in effect, you don’t have the songs anymore. No biggie.

IMNAAHO, of course, I am not a priest, just a sinner.


If you don’t use that PC anymore and don’t want to repair it, you could pull the hard drive and destroy it by smashing it. That would effectively delete everything on the drive.

My spiritual director isn’t a priest but he is a Catholic counseler at holy family counseling. My current priest isnt all that good with communication. If I disobey my non priest spiritual director is that grave matter?

I don’t know about generally, but if by disobeying you mean “not delete the songs” because your computer isn’t functioning, you’re perfectly fine and that certainly isn’t grave matter.

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