How far is too far before marrige?


Can one date? Kiss? Hug? What are the limitations for dating women?


What would you do with your father, baby sister, grandma and Priest sitting on the couch next to you? That gives you an idea. The rules are the same for men AND women when it comes to Chastity :thumbsup:


A Must read for you or anyone with these questions should be:

The Good News about Sex & Marriage by Christopher West

I think he devotes almost an entire chapter to this and associated questions.


Another good resource is right there at the top of this web page ^^^^^^^^^ See where it says “Chastity” - click there and read the info.


this isn’t always the best way to judge. There are people who are really shy about Public Displays of Affection and won’t even kiss their bf or gf in front of other people. Likewise there are people with no restraint and will do almost anything in front of other people! So the “behave in private as you would behave infront of loved ones” really isn’t a good rule because people have different definitions of whats acceptable and whats not acceptable to do in front of loved ones.


Guess advice is like belly buttons, every body has one.

This is a person who is very new to this board, asking a very broad question. I presented a broad answer that will fit the majority of adult people.

Yes, original poster, if you have severe Social Anxiety Disorder or are from a family of exhibitionist adult film stars, if you are from a country with a heritige and culture that is vastly different than the Western world, or is under 16 years of age then, by all means, ignore my advice :rolleyes:


From a religious standpoint, when it comes to chastity, it’s hard to decide what’s okay and what’s not okay. Sexual intercourse, of course, isn’t okay. But everything before has to be taken into consideration, too.

Dating, or ‘courtship’ as I prefer to call it, should be kept to public places. It isn’t such a bad idea that, when you’re starting out, to go out with his or your own parents along. (Unless you’re in your late twenties or something and don’t rely too much on your parents anymore as it is. Still, wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep them involved). Try not to be alone with him for too long lest you give in to temptation.

When it comes to kissing - and sometimes hugging - always try to make sure you’re doing it out of love and not lust. It can be considered sinful to engage in an intense make-out session driven by lust. They’re especially dangerous considering what they often-times lead to.

It really does vary from person to person. Pray on it, decide how much you can do without being tempted to take it all the way, and make sure your boyfriend understands the boundaries, too.

God bless, and good luck.



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