How far may one participate in Non-Catholic faiths?

During our trip to Thailand, my family took part in some sort of ritual blessing initiated by a Buddhist monk (I excused myself halfway because I felt this was wrong). I was later admonished by my family who said I disrespected the monk. They also said there was nothing wrong in doing it as long as we did not invest ourselves spiritually into it.

I am now unclear about what is right and wrong on this Issue. How far may a Catholic participate in Non-Catholic Faiths? I would greatly appreciate your response.

For social or educational reasons a Catholic can attend or observe a non-Catholic faith ritual but should not “participate” in a non-Catholic faith. Of course, there are some things that other faiths share in common with the Catholic faith that we can participate in.

But ultimately it is disrespectful to participate in something that someone does not believe in. The same as we would not want a non-Catholic receiving the Eucharist, a Catholic should not be partaking of rituals we do not believe in.

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