How far or how deep the vanity in Romans 8:20 can go?


Romans 8:20 “For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him that made it subject, in hope:”

If a person born as gay, it’s not his will, but God’s will. The right thing to do is for him not to indulge in gay sexuality, but in God’s plan for him, isn’t it?

If a state allow gay marriage, won’t the state offended God’s law?

I’m not just talking about gay, but many other cases as well. Anyone can share.


Sorry my friend, but people are not born gay. It is conditioning.


True, but so is heterosexuality. The dominant scientific paradigm for the formation of human sexuality is complex interactionism, with humans starting in an undifferentiated state (babies being neither straight nor gay) and eventually reaching a particular orientation, heterosexuality included, via conditioning from social interaction, physical environmental factors, biological predispositions, and quite possibly everything else that ever happens to them. Here is a fairly-lengthy discussion of some of this.


I believe that those are the Catholic Church’s positions on those topics.


Please don’t tell me science has done anything, the answer is far far simpler, but the answer is, unfortunately not what people want to hear, narcissism.


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