How far should fraternal correction go?

I assume most people at the core want their neighbor to go to heaven. Some of the stuff posted here seems like people are being busybodies. How do you know your friend is on birth control? Why admonish people who are lapsed Catholic or not even particularly religious. If I were being ungrateful a Muslim can admonish me? Being ungrateful is a universal value. If a Muslim were to admonish me on some custom I know nothing about I would not respond well. I am not Muslim so parts of your morality are specific to your religion.

As I mentioned in the other thread, admonishing the sinner is the third spiritual work of mercy. One must first understand what a spiritual work of mercy is (and is not), and what the Church teaches about each before one embarks on “admonishing the sinner”.

It is unfortunate that these days people lack both boundaries and decorum and will talk about such things in mixed company a work and leisure. It’s amazing how many women (and men) walk around talking about intimate things to acquaintances and friends.

Someone I only know professionally through a professional member organization came right out and told me while we were at a professional event that her husband was having a vasectomy that week. Um, I don’t want to know that. Not what I want to talk to you about over cheese and crackers. Ugh.

See above. Proper understanding of what this work of mercy is and when to engage in it is required. The scenario you describe is not one ripe for that particular work of mercy, not coming in cold anyway. Admonishing the sinner starts in relationship-- in brotherly love.

I’m sure he could. But that would be neither fraternal correction nor a spiritual work of mercy in the meaning the Church has for such activity.

That would be one person correcting another in a social situation.

Morality is universal and comes from God. It is objective.

You are correct, though, that one’s ethical framework is a product of one’s culture, upbringing, religion, and other factors.

Lol. Some people talked about their sexual behavior at work. What they like it do not like. Why would you say that? I can be too open which invites people go advise and correct me often which I hate. I suspect some are tight lipped because they do not want anyone telling them their behavior is wrong.

Here is a link from EWTN that may help:


Some people are tight-lipped, as you put it, because they think that human dignity requires boundaries and not doscussing intimate things with people one is not intimate with, or without a good reason.

Do we walk around naked? Do we have our bank records open for all to see? Do we blurt out everything we think whenever we have a thought?

No, we don’t.

Many people also do not discuss the good things that they do. How does that fit into your theory?

Hey I did not say it applied to most. Just someone I know in particular. Perhaps I am wrong

Christ had hordes of followers, all of whom abandoned him in his greatest suffering.

We shouldn’t hold the ungodly ones at gunpoint and force them to become good. At the same time, we should develop the courage that Christ and the Apostles had. The courage to make one’s faith known. The courage to put oneself out there and be a champion of Heaven… even if we lose followers, or ‘friends’ because of it. :twocents:

“A lamp is no good when hidden under a bush, but when it shines forth from a stand.” :bible1:

When one has God, one lacks nothing. God alone suffices.

When we have God, we lack nothing.

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