How fast do you pray the Rosary?


Yesterday afternoon, I was listening to some group praying the Rosary on a Catholic radio (I’d like not to mention the name), but they were praying super fast. I just couldn’t follow.

I have hard time concentrating on the Rosary; I was wondering how one could meditate on the mysteries if he/she prays so fast?


Hey water - I’m a slow prayer. It takes me about 45 minutes to pray the rosary when I do it in my car. Longer if I am in eyes closed mode.


I couldn’t do it that long, but it normally takes me about 20 to 25 min. Many times, when I have my eyes closed too long, I fall asleep. :smiley:


When the Rosary is said ‘superfast’ and in a monotone it seems insulting to Mother Mary. If she was visibly standing in front of us, would we consider racing through the prayers in little more than an inexpressive monotone to be worth the name of ‘prayer’? It sounds like the folks just want to get it over as soon as possible.


hehehehe - what better way to fall alseep than in the arms of our Lord and Lady? :wink:


It takes me about 20 minutes to pray the daily rosary, unless I say it in bed when I am really tired. That takes much longer since I sometimes drift off, wake up, pray some more, drift off, wake up, pray some more. It recently took me most of the night to pray one rosary.:smiley:


It takes me about 45 minutes if I only recite the name of the mystery - if I am saying the rosary with the staff of Saint Michael’s Media, it is at least an hour or more because they will typically read a scripture passage and short meditation with each mystery. It is a nice way to pray the rosary, and often gives you more to meditate on than just the name of the mystery alone.



I don’t know – that’s why I prefer praying the rosary alone or with maybe one other person. It’s very difficult for me to concentrate on meditating when I have to keep up with someone zipping through the rosary


I usually pray the Rosary on my commute to work in the morning – I use a CD so that I’m “hands-free.” :stuck_out_tongue: The CD is a free one from I find this particular recording to be very nice – not too slow, not too fast. It’s also nice to use because it’s like I’m not alone praying. At the end of the CD there’s a few minutes of information about the Rosary (where it came from, etc.). It says that the average Rosary takes about 17 minutes, which just happens to be the optimum attention span for an adult. :stuck_out_tongue:

(After the Rosary there is a recording of the chaplet of Divine Mercy too :thumbsup: and then some other prayers. It’s a nice CD.)

Another "Does It Count" Question

I own this one too - it is very nice!! :thumbsup:



The timing of this thread is very interesting to me, as my wife and I just had this conversation. I also pray the rosary in the car and it typically takes me about 45-50 minutes. I get distracted pretty easily by cars going by and things like that; if I’m in front of the Blessed Sacrament and able to really concentrate, it takes me about a half hour.

Also, I pray the rosary according to this formula from EWTN:

I know some people add other prayers to their rosary aside from these, so I guess that makes me all the slower.


Via my iPod (same version as Relevant Radio’s, see signature), it is about 32-35min depending on which 5 I choose.


I rarely pray the rosary but it takes me 35mins to finish it. I’m just sitting on my bed and facing my little altar, I usually open my eyes then things began to get blurred (i feel so sleepy) and if I close my eyes, I don’t even know for how many seconds I’ve been unconscious or am I still reciting the rosary :smiley: That’s why I really find it hard to pray the rosary.


It takes me about 45 minutes to pray it through. I agree with other poster(s) that to pray quickly is not honoring Mary our Mother. Also I think the indulgence attached to the Holy Rosary insists that it is prayed meditatively. I don’t know how one meditates when they are flying through it. However one thing to remember is people always think the goal is to get through all the mysteries. As a wonderful Carmelite nun said to us on retreat, the goal is to enter true prayer. If you pray one decade and you enter true prayer, good, but to pray with the goal to pray the whole thing and be done with it is to defeat the goal of true prayer. Also Our Lord said to St. Catherine how people when they pray vocally often times pray the words too quickly and miss the work He wants to do in them as they pray, so we need to be aware of His presence and our conversation with Him.

Pax Christi tecum.


Understand it was on radio and programming may have had to stay within a certain time slot possibly.

The group was probably from NY. Everything is fast here. :smiley:
Fastest state in the country - be that good or bad. It just is.
That said, a 45 min pace on the radio would make me fall asleep.


yeah. I just thought about that too. They probably rad a recorded program faster than usual. I do remember one guy from NY visiting my formal high school - he talked super fast and I could only heard him couple of words (that was my first year living in U.S). :smiley:


I have never timed myself. I might be saying it too fast according to some, but I at least say it


I usually pray the Rosary in about 23 minutes (yes, I’ve timed it) although if I have a goodly amount of time I can take up to 45-60 minutes. When a prominent Catholic speaker was asked this question on Catholic radio onetime, I heard that there are two ways to pray the Rosary that are equally devotional and reverant. One way is to meditate on the words of each “Hail Mary” with meditation on the Mystery as only an aside, and the other way (which is what I do) is to meditate on the Mystery only and the “Hail Marys” are place holders and attention keepers only. In fact, if the praying in a group is too slow, my mind wonders from the Mystery all the time. That’s not what our Blessed Mother would have me do - be thinking of things that have nothing to do with her Son’s Life on earth.:wink:


Too funny. I am a speed talker plus I have ADHD just to compound the speed factor. :smiley: I usually don’t even bother to finish my thoughts. You’d probably catch about 2 words from me before your head spins.


According to Bishop Sheen it should take about 15 minutes…I just ran across this bit of information the other day

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