How God converts Protestants

When I was a Protestant a few years ago, had no real knowledge of the Catholic faith, was sure that I would be saved, and that non denominational Christianity was right. Nothing really bothered me about not being Catholic.

Do other Protestants also have this mindset? If they do, how does God convert somebody who sincerely believes they’re in the religion that Jesus founded, but isn’t?

Most Protestants don’t know much about the Catholic Church, Some believe the awful things about it that their pastors say and judge it to be an evil church without a second glance. I think God converts them by slowly opening their hearts. I was lucky enough not to be in an anti-Catholic Church growing up as a Protestant. Though I was told they didn’t follow the Bible. When I met a Catholic that sincerely practiced their faith, something about it moved me. I began asking questions and realizing that it wasn’t that Catholics who didn’t follow all the Bible but in fact the Protestants!!

I think that until the person starts opening up and asking questions, there is probably no chance they will see the Catholic Church as it is and be converted. It is a long process and it takes some people longer than others.

He doesn’t…He calls them to serve Him and be His Child where they are. Some of us are “unconvertable” to Catholicism…for some of us, Catholic historical claims have no credibility…and without accepting it’s claims it makes for itself…there’s not much hope of conversion.:slight_smile:

The Lord accomplishes conversions through the Holy Spirit acting upon hearts that are not closed to the fulness of revealed truth. Hearts that are not afraid to deny themselves, take up their crosses daily and then follow Jesus to the Tabernacle. For this reason, it is good to ask the Holy Spirit to act in the lives of those outside of full communion.

They may not know it yet but they already are Catholic - only it’s to a far limited extent. Since all good things that are within their faith derived from the Church that our Lord and Savior gave to us. There is a term for this called invincible ignorance. God allows it.

Now some crave more from their faith on Earth and the Holy Spirit leads them to seek us out; but, aside from correcting falsehoods regarding Catholicism, it is best to leave the *leading *to the Holy Spirit. He knows what is needed.

Bottom line: it is, as with all things Grace that takes us where we need to be.

I felt as a Protestant that I was like a squirrel on a little wheel inside a cage struggling but getting nowhere. I also felt I had nothing to offer the Protestants and they had nothing to offer me so I left and for almost a tear went to no church at all. My wife and I became interested in Catholicism through happening upon EWTN.

And how do you suppose that you just “happened” upon EWTN? :slight_smile:
I no longer believe in coincidence or happenstance.

What changed my mind as a Protestant about the Catholic Church was meeting two of my mother’s Catholic friends. They took their faith seriously and were kind generous people. They took physical suffering in stride. I had to reevaluate my opinion about Catholics. Oh, and I started reading Justin Martyr’s writing (English translation) and checked into the actual teachings of the Church. I learned a few things.

I grew up with very little religious instruction. I did attend a Methodist church because it was close enough to walk to. My parents didn’t attend church but they were very anticatholic-they still are. I’ve attended Lutheran and Methodist over the years but never really belonged, was more of a Christmas and Easter visitor. I remarried a few years ago and my husband is catholic. I’ve learned alot about the faith from him and his family; especially his mother. I couldn’t believe anyone as sweet as her could be in a religion that wasn’t sound. I also attended a Cursillo in 2008; which really opened my eyes. Now I’m attending RCIA and learning even more. We plan on daughter attending parochial school and I’ll go through confirmation eventually. I have to get an annulment of my previous marriage first which I’m working on. Also a really great book about conversion- “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn.

We had never heard of EWTN. My wife found it while flipping through the channels on our cabe TV. That was how we happened on EWTN,:shrug:

This is how God converts Protestants:

“While a lot of people leave the Church, they tend not to be good Catholics,” says Curtis Martin, president of Catholics United for the Faith, who himself returned to the Church after spending five years as an evangelical Protestant. “The Protestants [now] coming into the Church are the most devoted Protestants, people deeply committed to Scripture and prayer. We’re losing the numbers game but we are winning the quality game in spades.”

What I was intimating was: Who lead her to just “randomly” flip through channels at that particular time? You may not, but I see the Holy Spirit in it.

“for some of us, Catholic historical claims have no credibility…”
My friend, what New Testament are you reading?
All of the historical claims we profess are there in B&W, straight from the Source, Jesus.

For me, complete conversion was a 35 year process. In the end, thru very real, undeniable, ( i’d even have to say shocking) healing of my soul, i learned this valuable lesson:
My very faith itself is NOT about me. It is about God’s plan FOR me.

We are all God’s children and He does not hold one out against the other for sake of a religion they may be born into. But He does desire to share His love in the fullest way possible with us while we are here on Earth- and that is thru the Sacraments, especially when He does the most incredible thing possible in uniting us with His Precious Body & Blood in the Holy Eucharist.
All will know the truth of this when they reach Heaven.
Pray that more may seek the grace of this miracle while still here on Earth !

She would have probably chalked it up to boredom with the show she was watching But it possibly was Holy Spirit directing her to flip through the channels.:shrug:

How did he convert u ?.. u say you’re now Catholic.

My father got interested and the family converted when he did. I admittedly converted exteriorly, and then in my heart a little while later.

For me, it was the blessings and grace of God. The catholic church was the LAST place I thought I would wind up. :dancing::love:

Never even thought of the Catholic Church.:shrug: To me it wasn’t the “Whore of Babylon” nor was it the “greatest thing since sliced bread” It was just there.

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