How good is a 9.1 on


OK, bear with me for a second here. I’m trying to decided on a good profile photo, and since my friends IRL refuse to rate photos of another dude, I’m having to do it on this particular website. After 37 people have rated it, 9.1 is the number I got. I think the website inflates their numbers a bit, so I don’t know how good that is. Anyone know? Thanks.


thats fuuunny…hot or huh??? lol…i’ll go look you up and see if your a 9.1…

oh and it wont be long before the people flood in here and tell you all kinds of things like ‘its shallow’ and we shouldnt ‘judge’ and your rating blah blah blah…

but, im sure its all in good fun…i’ll go and see whats up…im sure your not seriously weighing your worth by that site…but watch out cuz im sure the critics are a’comin’!! :cool:


If you are consulting hotornot to evaluate your profile picture (whether on CAF or a dating site), you need to rethink your strategy.

Going for a picture highly rated on hotornot is guaranteed to attract the type of people who spend their time on (obsessed with appearances and probably really shallow.) Are you sure that this is the type of person you’re looking for?


fyi…lmbo…i dont know how i’d look you up…but i just browsed like 5 girls on here…pretty fugly and they got 9.1 averages…so…lol…

again, for the sake of the site…i do not recomend anyone to do this…its shallow…demeaning…yadda yadda yadda…


*hahaha just when I thought I have seen it ALL… :rotfl:

I am SO glad I met my husband in the conventional sense…like we met at a party…he asked me out…remember when men and women dated like THAT?? :D*


I went and looked and a lot of ugly people have very high ratings. I don’t know how much you can really gather from the ratings on that site. I am guessing not very much.

Also, you are just sooooo shallow. Would Jesus post his picture to hotornot? I really doubt it. you should be ashamed.


Oh no, that’s not what I’m doing. I just need to find a good photo of myself.

It’s been pretty consistent actually. My last photo was also rated 9.1.


Why don’t you post it/them here? We’re sincere, trustworthy people who won’t laugh at you :slight_smile:


Haha, nah, I’m much too shy for that!


I used to be a moderator on HotorNot a long time ago (and an all-time 9.9er ;)). My experience has been that you needed a 9 as the bear minimum for the title of ‘attractive.’ It also seems easier for guys to get high rating than for girls.


You’re half a point more attractive than this guy:

You’re as attractive as this guy:

You’re half a point less attractive than this guy:

Also, people that arn’t white tend to get shafted in the ratings, even if they are good looking. So if you’re ethnic in some way, you might what to attenuate your rating to accomodate peoples’ prejudices.


All of those guys were EXTREMELY average…yawn

And that is SO SAD!! are you kidding me Primetime!!! I’m white, and I always thought that made me ‘plainjane’ next to someone of (especially mixed) ethnicity!!! I’m in San Jose, the Bay Area…and its so DIVERSE…but I mean, especially mixed ethnicities…theyre beautiful man for real…big eyes…nice tan…I mean…look at my daughter shes going to be a headturner…

I would have said that maybe not the white thing (which is probably true you would know far better than me) that you would have to take into consideration boredom…lol…I was on there for like, 3 minutes before I was genuinely bored (I kept waiting for a ‘fine’ guy to jump out at me) and just started clicking 1…1…1…1…lol…I’m sure a lot of em’ were 3’s or 4’s…but it woulda took too much effort to slide the mouse aaaaall the way over the the right…



Primetime! That’s what a few close friends call me - interesting. And yeah, welcome to HotorNot culture: clicking 1s until you see someone attractive. Thing is, if you were clicking 1s for everyone, you’d be doing it for whites and ethnics alike. I should clearify a little too: it’s not people that look a little exotic that get bad ratings, it’s being full-blooded in something non-North America / European. The ratings on the site seem to reflect that you can be too black or too asian to make it in the big ranks. Silliness, really.


Just for clarification, do we rate now or after a few beers, cause “all the girls look prettier at closing time”…:smiley:


this guy… :stuck_out_tongue:

you know whats funny is what whatevergirl said!!! i never noticed that?? people actually MEET people off of that site??? bwwwwwwwwwwwaha ha ahha aha ha…WOW… i know its totally judgemental but if someone ever wanted to meet me and i knew they were on there i’d think to myself ‘walking std’ <-yes i did go there…i hope no one actually takes that seriously…(the website…not my comment…i was totally serious about that! lol)



and what!! WHAT is this song your quoting??? lmbo!!! i totally just looked up the lyrics and WHY is it HILARIOUS??! I’m about to youtube it so i can hear it…billy somthin’ right?? thats LAUGHS…


We want the ratings to reflect an effect size too. Do it in sobriety and then at intervals of 3 beers and maybe one more time while getting your stomach pumped.


On one level I am offended that we would judge each other on looks while documenting the effect of copious alcohol consumption but…

…if I have to drink beer and look at pretty women, I will gladly bear this cross…:thumbsup:

…until my wife sees me drinking beer and looking at pretty women, it which case I shall probably be beaten with it…


Mickey Gilley.

And if you liked that, check out “She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft” by Jerry Reed.


ha HAAAAAAA!! THATS HILARIOUS! and i LOVE it…ha ah ah…oh im so bad…im really not that shallow…lol…i swear…but you just gotta laugh at these kinda things…


Thanks for the info. It’s always nice to get information like this from an insider. I do have a question, though. I actually started off with a 9.3, but it’s been going down ever since. Also, it seems as though late night raters tend to give much lower ratings for some reason. Is this what you have observed, too?

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