How hard is it to get into a seminary

Hey guys!

I am a 20 year old college sophmore. I’ve been discerning for a couple years now and am absolutley certain God is calling me to be a priest. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life! I’m so excited! However, I do have concerns. My cumulitive GPA isn’t that great. I have schizoaffective disorder and have been recovering since I had a breakdown my senior year of high school. I’m almost completely recovered. My GPA my first semester was a 1.5, but has gotten better. And last semester, I got a 3.0. I should get a better GPA this semester. My question is, when I apply for seminary next semester, will they look down on this, or will they recoginize the improvements and accept me? Are some seminaries harder to get into than others? I’m really worried I won’t get in, but I know this is my calling!!! I’m definatly smart enough. Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:


Have you talked with anyone in your diocese’s vocation’s department?

If not, this needs to be your first step.

Peace be with you on your journey! :slight_smile:

Excited for you Patrick as you discover God’s calling in your life!
I’d suggest you call your local vocations director. That person can give you specific advice more-so than a bunch of strangers like us on CAF can. There are a number of criteria the VD will want to talk with you about. In fact, it may be multiple meetings so you can get to know each other better . . . . Good luck! I’ll be praying for you

Thanks guys! Yeah, it’s kinda personal info I gave out. But God’s people are governed by compassion and understanding are they not?:thumbsup:
I do have a meeting with him next week. I’m just impatient and have anxiety and would love to be satisfied with an answer now (One of my many flaws). It would make me feel a lot better. But I guess we can’t have it all in this world :shrug:
Thanks again, guys! I’ll be praying for you too!!!

A seminary will do whatever it takes to get people who have a True calling through the discernment. It is difficult to get “kicked out”. You would already have to be liying to yourself about the call.

To get in is the same way. You will have ease if it is true. Rarely is there a time where people are not allowed for illegitimate reasons. I.E. Cardinal St. John Newman (too many priests haha as if)

Hi Patrick,

As far as academic requirements go, the only thing most seminaries care about is whether your able to pass your courses! Since you’re already doing that then it shouldn’t be a problem. It would be different if it was clear that you weren’t working to your full ability but obviously that doesn’t apply in your case. The same is also true once your in a seminary - those who are strong academically are expected to get better grades. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses and all that’s expected it that you work to the level of you abilities.

Thank the Lord!!! That’s all I needed to hear!

Thanks!! Say a little prayer for me!!! haha.

And Go Shox!!! (I go tto Wichita State)


Praise Christ that you are considering His call! When I was your age, and for many years before, I knew in my heart that I was to be a pastor. Only problem was that I was protestant at the time, and God knew that, eventually, I would find my home to His Church! LOL. Now, I am almost old enough to be your dad, and I am in the same discernment process! Anyway, I am praying for you.

BTW – academics are great (I did very well in law school), and it is important, but we must have the heart of Christ along with the intellectual blessings. May Christ be with you!

The Diocese of Wichita is great!!! :slight_smile:

You should probably talk this over with a spiritual director as you mentioned, but as long as you are showing signs of improvement, at least in terms of academics, you should be fine. As for schizoaffective disorder, if you show that you have it under control, I imagine you’d be fine but I don’t know. You’re in my prayers!

The bigger concern most directors would have is over schizoaffective disorder rather than grades. Being a priest requires you to be intellectually average or a little above, not Pope Benedict. However, it can be very stressful so you need to be sure schizoaffective disorder won’t come back. Priests are often brought in at life’s toughest moments.

Please don’t give details here. I think it needs to be between you, a psychologist, and the vocations director / bishop. (I mention a psychologist since everyone has to undergo a psychological exam as part of entry to the seminary, and I can only imagine it will more sensitive for you given your past than for most.)

I know what you’re feeling, my friend. I also feel a calling to the priesthood, but I have not had success in being admitted to any seminary. You see, when I finally became debt-free I was 57. Now I’m 61. And during those years I’ve e-mailed each and every vocations director of each and every diocese in the USA and it’s possessions. No one…absolutely NO ONE wants older vocations any more…especially if you’re not from their diocese.

Should I be sad or discouraged about this? No. Why not? Because I know that it’s God who is closing the doors … but it’s God who can open a window of opportunity one day, if He wishes. I’m still open to entering the priesthood, as you are. Let’s just let God decide when that will happen, shall we?

Get an interview with the Vocations Director of your diocese, and just let God lead you from there. He can even make your grades “not matter too much” to the right diocese.

Just abandon yourself into His loving hands. He will not disappoint you.

Thank you for sharing your story! I’ll be praying that our Lord opens that window for you to fly through! Have you thought of becoming a deacon?:rolleyes:

Almost everyone I’ve met asks me that same thing…except vocations directors. They know (the vocations directors) that you have to go where you are ‘called’. I feel strongly that God is calling me to the priesthood. So, that’s where I am putting my efforts and hopes.

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