How "hard" is it to get to heaven?


An estranged family member who has treated me and my husband quite badly (& abusively) for the past few years recently sent me a note out of the blue that was basically going on and on about random events that don’t pertain to me, but then included a devotional and suggested I pray it. This made me wonder, can an uncharitable person who still practices Catholicism reach heaven? I pray for this person all the time. But, they refuse to apologize or extend any real form of charity towards me or my husband and I was once part of their nuclear family. Unfortunately, I know this person so well that I have a strong feeling the inclusion of the devotional was merely a way to manipulate me again.


First, you must know, as odd as it may sound,
God - sometimes speaks through others - to communicate - to you.
Not all the time - but it’s good to be aware of this fact.

Second - be warned - you said ‘estranged’ - and ‘manipulate’ -
Keep this person at a safe distance - by their fruits - you shall ultimately know them.
Be friendly, but NOT familiar.
Remember = The devil quoted scripture to Jesus !


Yes, since repentance and forgiveness can occur at the last moment of death.


I agree that we shouldn’t let ourselves be manipulated by toxic people, including with devotionals.

However, only God knows who gets into heaven, and only He judges. For all you know, this estranged family member may have a mental illness. I tend to think this is the case for most people whose behavior is outside the societal norm, whether the illness is recognized or diagnosed or not.

Such people are put in our lives so we can pray for them and offer up/ learn from the annoyance they cause.

I would suggest you just pray for the person and focus your thoughts on you and your husband getting to heaven. Put this family member into the hands of God and leave him or her there.


Charity toward other Christians is a requirement for reception of Holy Communion.


Mary, don.t worry about this person so much, other then to pray for them…They seem to have problems they you are probably unaware of as well as the ones you are. If they see you and start just nod your head and keep going. Wondering about them getting into heaven should not burden you… By the Love and Mercy of Jesus we will get there. God bless you…


I’m sorry that happened

Re: getting to heaven, easy or hard

You know how Jesus answered that with an example, narrow road vs wide road. Bottom line, Jesus says few find the narrow road which is hard to be on and stay on. VS most people then, are on the wide road, the easy road to find, to be on, and stay on, the road to perdition.


I’m pretty sure Muslims also believe in heaven, dude.


Flagged as inappropriate. Your post is disrespectful of Catholic belief, and also you are not allowed to proselytize for your religion on here. Both violations of Terms of Service.


And you think the koran has all the answers!


Not hard at all. Christ came for a reason. That reason was to take the penalty for our sins through His death on the cross. We just need to ask for forgiveness of our sins to Christ and we will be saved.

Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God

Not as a result of works so that no one may boast


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