How has CAF helped you become a better Catholic?


How has CAF played a part in your growth in Holiness?


Honestly CFA has pruned me to be more tolerant towards others and humbled me too,the hard way around, well they flagged me! linked me and invited me,booked marked me and lastly still tracking me :joy::rofl: yes very informative, well the list is endless ,well will get back for more.Thank you Jesus!


Honest answer:

I’m not sure it has helped me and I wonder daily whether I should continue to post here. The many negative experiences are good for my humility and teaching me patience, I guess.

I did find out about a few helpful things on here, such as Rhoda Wise’s shrine and a couple of websites with good information/ prayers. I also appreciate the small handful of people who are friendly and who have prayed for my intentions when I post in the Prayer Intentions forum.

But overall, I don’t find it a terribly supportive place for my personal faith or holiness in general.


I’m not sure I have become more holy b/c of it.

But, I have learned from it.


When I was a teen it helped me learn about the faith at a time when I had no real Catholic friends and my parents took all well meaning questions about the faith to be scandalous disobedient challenges.

It has helped me learn what parishes are like outside the microcosm of my own parish.

It helped me discern my vocation to marriage, call off one engagement and go through with another.

It helped me in moments of discouragement as a wife and mother.

It helped me recognize some of my scruples and call them for what they are.

It had been a considerably safe place to interact with strangers on the internet. All the times before I had an account just lurking, all the times on my old account, and now this one. I’ve sort of grown up here whether I left the footprints show it or not.


That’s a good honest response, thanks Bear, and perhaps too, it has helped you, but in ways you don’t quite realize.


The old board helped me more. Mostly because of Bro JR. I learned so much from him about Catholicism as well what is considered to be traditional in a much bigger scope


I don’t think it has, but it hasn’t been an obstacle to my becoming a better Catholic either. I guess to me CAF is mostly part of that world that I’m supposed to be in but not of.


Yes! The Ask an Apologist section was so useful!


It has helped me become a more informed Catholic.


I just had to sneeze exactly when I looked at your post. :thinking: Coincidence or the power of suggestion. hmmm…


It’s helped me be more tolerant of others


One thing is for sure… It’s not a sacrament.


Did you land on your feet? :wink:


I think tolerance is one aspect.

Another is you get to see a lot of different viewpoints. That helps when trying to explain Our Faith to others. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily help another.

You get to see some really good Christians.

You get to see some really bad Christians.

I’ve learned a few things.

By active participation, it keeps my Faith more or less constantly in the foreground, and that helps keep Christ centered in my life.


I was sitting down actually, but it was mildly disorienting.


It’s helped me to practice articulating Catholic teachings. I also appreciate coming across new questions I hadn’t come across before or wouldn’t have thought about before. When I encounter the same questions from those in RCIA at my parish, I feel better equipped to respond because I’ve often already typed out a response here at CAF at some point or another.

I don’t know if I’d say it has made me holier, though.


By careful selection. You have to lurk around for awhile and discover which posters to follow and pay attention to. There are about a half dozen, a few on this very thread, whom I always read when I see they’ve replied. Most I agree with theologically, morally, politically, etc; one or two I follow because they challenge me to consider another viewpoint. Being a convert, I also like to learn the faith practices of cradle Catholics.


Honestly, I’m constantly on the verge of leaving. In general I find it to be a very fearful, neurotic, toxic place.


I ignore the fearful and neurotic posts. That makes it a much happier place. :slight_smile:

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