How has CAF helped you become a better Catholic?


I have to add onto that by saying every other Catholic forum I’ve looked at is 10 times worse in that respect. So this place is actually the “best” alternative I’ve seen. :frowning:


I can only guess that the kind of Catholics who want to discuss Catholicism on the internet tend disproportionately to be the worst kind of legalistic prigs or just general weirdos.

Myself included of course. :unamused: But yeah, I’m always on the edge about sticking around. If I do disappear one day randomly, it’s been real, Bear.


This is my feeling as well.

I don’t think CAF has helped me grow in holiness, but I have learned a bit from hanging around here.


For me, as I am considering becoming Catholic, the contributions of people like @Tis_Bearself have been very helpful. Don’t go!


I think that growth in holiness can come about my many indirect causes, like CAF.

I was just thinking at adoration today, while reading a book that has become an important part of my prayerful reflections on just what real holiness is all about and what I need to start doing and thinking to get there. I was introduced to this particular book by a person in the CAF community. Otherwise, I may never have picked it up.


I personally think CAF has been a great place to find answers to many questions I have and to also offer help to those who I believe I can help, specifically with my background with struggles of impure sins. I have tried to use my struggles in the past to help others and I believe it has helped others and myself tremendously :slight_smile:

I have also been in contact with some very good people on this forum who have helped me in my own struggles a ton by giving me good advice and being in regular contact with me. CAF is one of my favorite websites, might be my #1 favorite honestly - good to surround yourself with a religious atmosphere


I’ve only been here for a bit, but it has not made me a better Catholic. I’m always hoping, though.

There seem to be a lot of disagreements that verge on arguments as well as some extremist opinions.

I have received some good information, though. On the other hand, when I have asked for specific information, I am met with opinions or, though sometimes helpful, suggestions that skirt my questions.

I am patient, so I will stay and see how things develop. :slight_smile:


The one thing I do find disheartening is when people ask the same questions that were just asked very recently and could of been searched easily. It does show how often certain sins and questions come up and I’m happy to offer any advice I may have, but I do find this disheartening that people ask questions often without searching if it was asked first (recently and well answered). Also a lot of scrupulousity which this isn’t really the place to get advice for, but it’s nice to see tons of people want to grow in their faith so it’s still a nice thing to see even if not appropriate for this place


Sounds like this board is full of people!


:rofl: Yes, I suppose that plays into things a little bit.


Oh, I really like the discussion board itself. It’s a nice setup.


I primarily use these forums to discuss news and recent events in the Church and not to ask questions or solicit advice on sins, etc., so my perspective might be different from others. No one I know IRL is really interested in talking about Catholic news so I talk about things like that with people online. As far as spiritual health goes although I don’t discuss things like this much online but I lurked for many years before I finally joined and I have to say that I have been pointed to many excellent resources and websites thanks to this forum.

This forum tends to skew more liberal in general than pretty much any other Catholic discussion group that I have seen so I think that is why there are more arguments and stronger disagreements than you will see in other places. Though I think it does challenge my viewpoints sometimes and forces me to deeper reflect on my opinions and views, even if I don’t participate in a discussion directly.

IMO people that think this place is so terrible should probably just either learn to live with the reality that this is probably the best Catholic forum they will ever find, or give up trying to discuss your faith on the Internet, because you will probably not like any other place more than here. I have noticed over my many years of lurking/participating in this forum that every once in awhile a thread or discussion will pop up where several users will say how bad this place is and how it isn’t worth their time, but here they are, still participating years later. Maybe this place is like a drug; you can’t give it up. And even if you do, the addiction in your system isn’t dead - it’s only sleeping.


It has helped me a lot. Tremendously. The spiritual equivalent of getting a good pair of glasses and hanging out at the library. Some frustrations. Some time wasting. Lot’s of good people, living examples of faith, hope, and love. No kidding! And many reading suggestions and links to Catholic online resources. Thank you everyone.


I find it quite a nice place here. It beats Facebook, I think, as I find there tends to be less uncharitable arguments on here. I find posters on here to be a pretty decent bunch, and differences of opinion are usually expressed respectfully.


Hearing about others faith practices has helped me to want to strive to do more in my own life ,develop my own spiritual life more
Reading about the Saints,about the holy mass and observances in other countries has been a great help in showing me how I can become a better catholic.


I haven’t been around long, but in the short time I’ve been here I’ve found that it has a lot of good information. I enjoy reading other Brothers and Sisters opinions and advice. Even during some of the disagreements I find it gives me food for thought. Sometimes I’ll research what the disagreement was about. I very much enjoy the Intentions area as I love/desire praying for people. I always find myself praying for someone and CAF allows me the opportunity to be able to do so more often and on a personal level. So far, in general CAF has been a positive experience for me. Also, since because of my health I’m not able to get out much, it gives me a sense of being part of community.


Honestly, look at this site. It should be taken down. I don’t say that to be inflammatory, but there is no way it does more good than harm.


In the online world, where better can we go?


Not a forum. Catholic Answers ministry and website was immensely helpful to my faith life. Writing in questions to EWTN occasionally, or the “Ask an apologist” are fine.

But as for CAF, the actual forums, there is just no way that the existence of this thing does more good than harm.

Most of the serious questions on here, the answers could be got with twenty mins of googling. The rest should be asked to people in your own lives.

The internet is not a replacement for community. Honestly, if everyone on hear could trade the time spent on CAF for time studying the scriptures, or even reading the material from Catholic Answers, can anyone really tell me that would not be time better spent? At least in the aggregate?


I have learned not to be so nit picky and judgemental when it comes to how Mass is celebrated and how different people choose to be devoted to Our Lord.

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