How has CAF helped you become a better Catholic?


This is the main way that CAF has helped me become a better Catholic. In addition to being school by the old timers (most of whom are gone now) I have had to do a lot of study to answer certain questions, and I know my faith much better as a result.


I am sure I have a better understanding of Catholicism as a result of CAF, although it has yet to convert (or revert) me. Curious to know if anyone thinks the interventions from unbelievers like me make them better Catholics?


Yes like the news threads they wouldn’t appear to unless we go to that forum. The ubiquitous homosexual and transgender threads can go there too.


The hidden forum is a huge downer because the way it is set up, if you get flags or a suspension, you are kicked out of it for literally months or in some cases permanently it seems. You are barred for much longer than the term of the suspension. People get the boot from there on a regular basis for this reason. So it’s pointless to try to make supportive friends in a sub forum where you could automatically lose all your friends in 30 seconds if you slip up and draw flags. Many of the people who spend time there actually maintain their status by posting very little on the main forum, which to me is ironic. The person who is actually going in the apologetics threads and trying to be helpful or engage in debate and contribute quality content to the forum becomes the one most likely to get kicked out of the VIP Club.


Desperately trying to claw my way back in to the secret place I didn’t know we were allowed to talk about. Inactivity will get you kicked out too.


I’m surprised that there are even still people in the secret place. I thought it was a ghost town by now.




I’m a revert. I joined with another user name right after I reverted. So about 13 or so years ago.

Many members were very supportive in the past especially during a number of hard times.

I don’t know if I’ve changed and have become more jaded. But currently, I feel like a better Catholic when I’m away from here.


I think if you read, hit like and occasionally post in Prayer Intentions that’s enough activity to keep you in there.
Then again, I haven’t been allowed in there for months since I committed the Eighth Deadly Sin of saying “Well duh” in what I thought was a friendly and conversational way to a poster I like on a priest sex abuse thread in the News forum.


Would be nice to have a supportive area


I’d suggest some folks form a new forum with their own rules in protest, but I hear that’s frowned upon in Catholic circles :wink:


Yeah but the problem with google is it tends to give you more or less what you were looking for.

One thing I experience here is, for lack of a better way to express it, totally unimagined good. At CAF I occasionally encounter faith, goodness, truth, and beauty that I wouldn’t have looked for because I couldn’t imagine that it existed. Yes, I have to wade through a lot of weeds and muck, and fight off the mosquitoes and leeches, but from time to time I find a treasure.


It has been tried. I think the challenge, rarely if ever met, is to get enough frequently-participating members. The critical mass for a community is rather high.


Constant sneezing probably contributed to your early demise as an honored member of the hallowed C Continuum, though an effective allergy medication may be all you require for a speedy readmission.


Oh my, oh my, I shall say many rosaries for you Bear to secure your release from CAF purgatory. That is, unless your perfectly content to be there. :thinking:


Say them for the Poor Souls instead, it’ll be more useful :slight_smile:


Oh I was just making a Protestant Reformation joke.


I don’t know if it does per se. I take breaks from time to time because I’ll find myself getting pulled into the legalism and feeling angry/more doubtful of my faith … “This is ridiculous. Too many rules and ways to sin.” It has made me more aware of Church teachings are certain matters. However, sometimes the board would make one think we’re mostly doomed. God help you if you die when you hadn’t been to Confession yet.


I’ve had some icky encounters here, and the rigid legalism can be downright toxic to current Catholics and off-putting to prospective Catholics.

But I’m such a glass-half-full person that I remember more the enriching exchanges. We have some wise and wonderful clergy chiming in at just the right times, albeit never often enough, and some astute lay Catholics.


Personally, I like hanging out with my Catholic friends here :blush:


Exactly. And just look at the effect it has had on you.

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