How has CAF helped you become a better Catholic?


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There are numerous scrupulous posters on here who border on the neurotic. If I was clean and committed a mortal sin on Thursday, and died on Friday before the weekly Saturday Confession, somehow I think there’s a great chance at Jesus’ mercy.



Good Master, what shall I do that I may receive life everlasting?

18 And Jesus said to him, Why callest thou me good? None is good but one, that is God.

19 Thou knowest the commandments: Do not commit adultery, do not kill, do not steal, bear not false witness, do no fraud, honour thy father and mother.

Tsk tsk…such legalism…

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Welp welcome to once saved alway saved.



See, someone like you I have to wonder. Are you actually this nasty to people in real life?

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The[quote=“yankeesouth, post:87, topic:528153, full:true”]

Welp welcome to once saved alway saved.

The Church even teaches that with perfect contrition, someone might be saved if they didn’t get to the confessional, but intended to.



Key words…‘might be’



I’m actually a ruthless cereal fish killer IRL, but I pretend I’m a nice Osprey on CAF.



Not sure what scrupulosity has to do with it. We are talking mortal sin. There are conditions that have to be met in order for a sin to be mortal. But if you die with mortal sin on your soul there is no repentance after death.



My original post … “However, sometimes the board would make one think we’re mostly doomed. God help you if you die when you hadn’t been to Confession yet.”

If one is scrupulous and thinks everything is a mortal sin, it’s pretty impossible to be in a state of grace all the time.



The worst kind. Many children love their bowl of cereal fish and here you are killing it.



Scrupulosity is an illness that must be treated either by spiritual direction, a Catholic doctor or both. That still does not change the teaching of Jesus.



No, it doesn’t, but this question is in regards to CAF. There was a general discussion about how the board can be an unhelpful, toxic environment.

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Well it certainly isn’t helpful if we don’t pass on the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church. The key mission given to the Catholic Church by Christ is the salvation of souls. The identification and condemnation of sin is necessary in carrying out that mission. And we all are called to do that. Jesus gave us the Spiritual Works of Mercy as well as the Corporal Works of Mercy.

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Do I need to call in the UNCAF Peace Keepers to quell this little war rising up in the middle of this otherwise fairly on topic thread. :smiley:



CAF is what you make of it. Engaging with mean and snarky posts can make the environment toxic. Unfortunately there’s no feature to block particular posters. The trick is remembering that we don’t have to attend every argument to which we’re invited.



It’s so hard to not engage (at least for me :blush:). It just amazes me how nasty some posters can get over a seemingly harmless comment. Some of the most legalistic perhaps don’t realize that people aren’t referring to speaking on official Church teaching, but forgetting to keep Christ’s compassion and love in the message.



I would say CAF has helped to make me a better Catholic, because when I signed up for the forum, I had not been the best convert the world had ever seen.

It was during a time when I was grieving the loss of my Dad and I needed answers. At first, it was difficult to weed out the correct answers from the incorrect ones, so I needed to use the Bible, catechism and the main CA page as references. Even then I wasn’t always convinced. Stubbornness, pride, and fear had to fade. It took time.

I’ve learned a lot, but there is so much more to understand. As Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons once said, “I’m learnding!”



Lol…no matter how charitable one is in proclaiming the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church they will be attacked with name calling such as this. It comes with the territory. The apostles were not sent out to mingle.

[quote]Some of the most legalistic perhaps don’t realize that people aren’t referring to speaking on official Church teaching, but forgetting to keep Christ’s compassion and love in the message.

Official Church teaching is the teaching of Jesus. Jesus Christ and His Church are One and the Same.

Jesus said …neither do I condemn you (compassion), go and sin no more (conversion). Both are pastoral. Compassion for this life, conversion for the next. Not nasty at all.



Good argument, guys, but…

What was the original topic? :thinking:


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