How has Catholic Answers Forum helped you?


Straight forward question: How has this forum helped you?

My personal story: (this part is optional reading) :smile:

I have only been here for a short while. I’ve known about Catholic Answers for such a long time that I remember when Keating was there. I’ve listened to their program which is invaluable and I recommend them highly to listen to. They have a podcast ya know, you can download it, and listen offline anywhere. . I remember doing google searching for “is this a sin…Catholic”, or “what about…Catholic.” Remembering to always add the word Catholic in there because I want valid information. This forum would always, and I mean ALWAYS pop up. Eventually I decided to hop onto the forum and legitimately sign up.

Didn’t think I’d have anything to contribute. Nor have anything to ask. So I just kinda browsed around and saw what other people were saying.

One day a topic came up and I made my first post. Expecting very little activity on it I was overwhelmed with responses! As well as with how long it kept going for. I was elated! Some kind responses, some…less than kind and blunt responses, but responses no less. All of them I’m grateful for.

I’ve started responding to a few posts and actually managed to get some ‘likes’ on it! Wow! I’m contributing. It’s a nice feeling to know you’ve helped someone. It’s also nice getting help. To have the humility to ASK for help. This is the area that has greatly been helpful. I wrote a post about overcoming lust and the fruits of that post are astounding. I’ve met other men who struggle with this. I’ve seen tips and suggestions and prayers. Incredibly abundant in blessings!

I have been logging in everyday since I’ve signed up and I’ve always logged off happier and more joyful.

Thank you to all of you who post, read, pray, listen, suggest, tag, upload, message, comment, like (or even not like), and everything else we do on here.

God Bless!


I’ve gained a better understanding of the current Catechism from being forced to read it in response to questions, and of certain topics like Liturgy of the Hours and canon law that I wouldn’t have been so motivated to look up on my own.

I like that there are always prayers going on. Many of the regular posters are nice and interesting people.

I also like having a place to talk about Catholic topics where others are actually interested. Most of my real life friends are not Catholic and many are non-believers. The few Catholics I know have mostly fallen away or are struggling with big sins and issues in their lives. I don’t judge them because I went through the same stuff for years and did my share of shocking things, but I’m done with that and would like to surround myself with some people who are trying to move forward spiritually and making that a priority, as opposed to dealing with other life issues and putting religion on the back burner.


Firstly affirming me in my faith,meeting very fine people from all over the place reassuring me the catholic Faith is strong and vibrant around the world.
Around Lent ,Easter and Christmas there is a very beautiful change where people become (me too) more
spiritual I think ,peaceful and ready to talk about their prayer life ,their relationship with Our Lady and Jesus …it becomes less political and narky here, a real feeling of joy and good will.It makes me wish we celebrated many ,many more days of Holy Obligation and feast days .
People post some very good links that give a boost in enthusiasm (thanks Rob and CJ ,Maria christi in particular )


Taught me a LOT about how other Catholics and non Catholics live in this world today. I don’t travel, I’m from a small village and I’d never know a lot of what happens in the Church or how people live their Faith if it weren’t for these forums. Also I have learned so much about the Catholic Church/Faith.


I have learned a lot of things about Catholicism on this site despite being a cradle Catholic. I have made friends that I look forward to “speaking” with everyday, and actually have made a couple of very good friends, one of which actually came to visit twice. I have learned that I value my faith and I have drawn closer to God because of all I have learned here and applied to my life.


To me the most important is to learn about Catholic and non-Catholic things I never thought of before because I do not come across them in real life. Also I have come to this type of forum after many years away with a new perspective because I used to get entangled in long debates that left me angry and spiritually diminished. Now I speak my mind but will not engage provocateurs.


Explaining things to someone else is often a really good way of solidifying your own knowledge, understanding, and faith.

That’s one way it’s helped. Getting different viewpoints also helps you to see an issue a lot better.


CA articles and CAF has definitely served to confirm my faith and has helped me to understand where many of the misconceptions lie between us.


This is one place to practice evangelization. Answer somebody’s question no matter how outrageous it may seem or no matter how many times it has been asked and and answered – give them the Christian answer. Be a saint.


I like the contact with other Catholics. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who isn’t in a hurry to get home after Mass, or doesn’t have any free time during the week to meet for a burger and chat.

I think this board challenges all of us, especially me, to learn to be nicer to others.


It helps me put my thoughts into words.

You take things for granted-- until you have to defend and/or explain them. Then it forces you to break things down into something that can be communicated.


Peeps, if you lived near me, I’d have a burger with you. :hamburger:


Bless you! That is such a nice start to my day.

Happy Labor Day weekend to you and all my other CAF pals.

I realize we’ve had our differences, Tis_Bearself, but what I value is fellow Catholics who don’t just walk away and give up on each other. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are all on our own individual journeys and all at different levels of maturity and understanding, and of course, we all bring different backgrounds and baggage with us. It’s so good when we can stick with each other in spite of differences.


It has helped me develop patience.


I believe everything I read but when I reached sixty God seemed to have given me the grace of …what’s that word…

In all seriousness I agree with every post on here so far, this forum has enabled me to learn, interact with, gain pleasure from sharing with and hear some wonderful things from a wide spectrum of people I otherwise would not be experiencing. I too have trouble getting some fellow Catholics to dwell a while and shoot the breeze but now I’m wondering, maybe they’re rushing home to get back on this forum? Ha ha.


I’m retired now and have moved to a small community where I really don’t know a lot of people. Catholic answers has been a great source of companionship and I enjoy talking about and reading posts that are about what matters most to me: God, the Scriptures, and my faith.


I’m amazed by the very positive responses. For me, the forum has shown me how divided Catholics are. I’ve been very disappointed at the number of Catholics holding non-Catholic beliefs. When I was in a pro-life organization, they spoke of putting pro-life flyers at the back of the Church. I thought that was preaching to the choir. Now I see why. So the forum has illustrated to me how many cafeteria Catholics there are. It is no wonder we’re losing every battle. The divisions within the Church have prevented us from gaining traction.


It is helping me to make my mind up if to go back to Orthodoxy or stay with Catholicism


When Ask An Apologist was still run on the forum, it helped me realize I needed to become a practicing Catholic. (Thank you to any of the apologists who might be reading this.)

Since then it’s a place I can chat and get different perspectives. It also helps with those small questions like “What’s this prayer?” or “What book would you recommend?”


No offence meant but What’s a cafeteria Catholic? Why is the Church called Catholic?

Did OUR Heavenly Father call St Francis because He thought he was an expert Catholic?

The ultimate exclusive club has one member surely.

I think most gardeners believe in the efficacy of freshening the compost now and then.


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