How has going to Adoration been a benefit for you?

How has going to Adoration been a benefit for you?
How often do you or have you gone to Adoration?
What type of prayer or internal talk do you think about?

I try to listen as much as possible. I tend to talk too much in prayer, even in Adoration.


Excellent answer. Everyone would/could benefit by listening more.


It helps me sort my thoughts and guide what I’m praying for and discerning. I try to go for an hour each week now as my parish has a time each week for it. Normally I pray for a while (probably 20 minutes or so), mostly conversing with God, then I’ll do a rosary, then with whatever time is left I’ll do spiritual reading / read the Bible or do more silent prayer. I’ll pray about whatever is on my mind, big or small, but certain things definitely get more focus.

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Last fall, I began going to adoration every morning before work for about 30 minutes. I generally alternate between praying on my wrist chotki, spending time in silence, and reading scripture or some other spiritual reading.

Since that time, I have had some amazing progress in the depth of my prayer, I have been able to cross some habitual sins off my list, and found a significant reduction in feelings of stress.

I also had a surprising physical response as well. For the last few years, my Cholesterol had been steadily increasing. Since I started going to adoration, my Cholesterol levels dropped from 212 last August down to 164 in December.

I haven’t changed anything relating to diet or exercise. The only thing that changed was getting up for work 30 minutes earlier and spending time at adoration.


I try to go once a week but I could go at any time, I am a Sacristan and I have access to the Church.

I find that first of all it reminds me that I actually have to spend time with Jesus not just talk to Him or pray to Him but actually BE in His presence. It helps me to be Thankful to Him, Grateful, Praise Him and Adore Him. I NEED to do that. It is helping me to learn to BE STILL and listen to God. I don’t ever do that at home because there are 3 other people and a cat always around the house.

I’ve cried and really poured out my heart, I may pray a little out loud just talking to Him, I may pray silently just casual personal prayer, I also pray the Rosary, Pray the Way of the Cross, Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Sometimes I just sit IN HIS PRESENCE and just enjoy being with Him.

It calms me and gives me peace.


I also find it is refreshing and gives me peace. It has helped keep Christ centered in my life. I get answers to my questions there more than any other place and that I can get in no other way.

Adoration is uniquely valuable to give you a one on one time with Our Lord. It is impossible to overvalue that encounter.


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We just finished Pope Francis global request for 24hr Adoration. I spent about several hours overnight with Jesus. It was wonderful to spend that time with Jesus and in prayer.

Usually we have Adoration for an hour or so 3 times a week, with Benediction once a week.

I pray, read the Bible or a book, right now it’s Interior Mansions by Saint Therese. I did Stations of the Cross through the night at Adoration and also just sat with God.

It’s spending time with your best friend


…“and coming soon to a mass near you”, Miserere Mei Deus

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I visit the Blessed Sacrament every day for a couple of minutes. It’s like visiting my best friend. If I’m having a bad day, it makes me happy and peaceful. If I’m having a good day, I get to give thanks and praises. It’s an earthly experience of the beatific vision. We should all visit Our Lord as much as we can.


For what it’s worth, I recently saw a very good book review for “In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart – The Journal of a Priest at Prayer”.

The pages of this remarkable record of spiritual communication range across, and plunge into, many fundamental aspects of the spiritual life: loving and being loved by God; the practice of prayer in all its dimensions; the unique power of Eucharistic adoration; trustful surrender to divine providence; the homage of silence; the dignity of liturgical prayer and the sacraments; the mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; priestly identity and apostolic fruitfulness; the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints in our lives; sin, woundedness, mercy, healing, and purification; the longing for heaven and the longed-for renewal of the Catholic Church on earth.

But the part that caught my attention was how an Adoration chapel affects not only the immediate church-- we’ve all seen the results of that, here and there-- but also how Adoration affects the greater community at large and become the localized centers of divine grace being poured out on those in the area-- even if they themselves have never stepped foot in the adoration chapel.

Anyhow, it’s not for everyone’s taste, but it’s on my reading list.

I have a scheduled time at my parish AC weekly.I have been attending regularity for going on nine years.I love this special time although I do tend to talk too much in prayer I have a beautiful meditation book titled Come To Me. I highly recommend for the meditations befor the Blessed Sacrament.It enriches my experience greatly.:pray:
I read a quote once stating,“If Our Lord was present in the Blessed Sacrament in all of His glory,people would be pounding down the doors of Chapels everywhere just to be with Him.” Something to keep me focused on the Real Presence even in its most humble form.:pray:

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I am going to do adoration more this Lent,
reading this thread has underlined the imp-
ortance of Adoration to the spiritual life. I
usually pray both regular prayers and the
Rosary at home in my room. But there is
something Special about praying in the
presence of the Lord in the Monstrance.


I use this book and sat the Rosary for Priests that is in it. This Rosary is so powerful and moving. Priests and religious needs our constant prayers.

"Manual for Eucharistic Adoration"
by The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration

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I go every Wednesday. I don’t try to pray. I clearing my mind of thoughts and just enjoy seeing the Host.

Sometimes I pray a rosary or the Liturgy of the Hours.

But when I went last week, I couldn’t silence my thoughts for anything. So I set aside my rosary and just chattered away, like a small child following daddy around the garage while he works on things. I just couldn’t stop telling Him about my day, my thoughts, my concerns, asking mindless questions and not waiting for the answers, and sharing all my hopes and plans.

Sometimes, that’s the best I can do.

I can’t say exactly how it’s been a benefit to me, only that it is. Each time is a unique experience for me. And the benefits are also unique.

Before I became my mother’s caregiver, I went to Adoration weekly, several times a week, if possible. It always made me feel warm all over quietly spending time with Our Lord. Prayers during Adoration were whatever I felt like at that moment. Many times, I’d just sit and enjoy being there. Mama always said I came home glowing.


I just like to hang out with Jesus. He is always there and never hassles me.

I usually say some of my daily devotional prayers. Sometimes I read from one of the devotional meditation books the Chapel provides.

  1. My church has 24 hour eucharistic adoration. Someone is always there. They switch off each hour.
  2. I usually go 4-7 days a week (for Lent).
  3. I pray the rosary. If I’m not busy I’ll stay and read the Bible a bit.
  4. After lent I’ll have to cut back do to the drive. But it’s really something I love doing.
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In more ways than I can count or am even be aware of, I’m sure.

By the Grace of God, I do a holy hour every day almost. It keeps me afloat spiritually. When I might be running amok in small or even large ways in other aspects of my life on a spiritual or emotional level, my time spent with Jesus, puts things in order, or at least prevents them from getting completely out of whack and on the wrong path all together. I think I could easily become very depressed in this life if it were not for making a daily holy hour and/or receiving the Eucharist daily.

It reminds me of what you guys have told me of that important question in the Baltimore Catechism, which was before my time.

Why did God create me??

  1. To know Him.
  2. To love Him.
  3. To serve Him.

Though I may not be doing this as well as I ought in my day, it always reminds me that this really is what the meaning of my life needs to be about and that I ought to keep striving for that. I think I would forget quickly without my Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration.

Lastly, a multitude of Graces are received, I believe, at Adoration, even though we not even be aware of what they are- graces, not just for ourselves, but for a great many other souls in the world and in purgatory.

It’s arguably the best use of our time each day- the hour that we have really made count, despite that we may not feel like being there that day or have no consolation whatsoever that day while we are there or feel His Presence.

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