How has H1N1 effected your parish?

So… How has the H1N1 (we dare not call it “Swine Flu” here in pork country) effected the liturgy in your parish? At my parish we no longer exchange the sigh of peace (probably a good thing, it was always very distracting anyway) and no longer partake in the Cup (which I miss very much).

No changes so far, but when this flu first surfaced, we had the same changes you mentioned, for several weeks. I can see those changes returning, as the flu season ramps up.

I never cared for the hand-shaking at the Sign of Peace, but it feels awkward to have nothing there (it feels like a big, gaping silence). I think we could at least acknowledge the people around us, and say “Peace be with you” without shaking hands, but it’s not up to me to decide. :slight_smile:

As for the Cup, I’ll be sitting in the choir loft again within a couple of weeks (choir starts up again then), and we don’t receive from the Cup up there anyway, so it won’t be a change for me.

No changes so far
*]Still exchange the sign of peace
*]Still administer on the tongue
*]Parish has never routinely proffered the cup


the directives from the diocese when the epidemic began remain in force and parishes have been instructed several times. No touching at sign of peace, OF etc. Communion in the hand only and cup will not be offered to the faithful. Hand sanitizer at all doors of the church, in the sacristy, and for communion ministers (in addition to hand washing before Mass), either in the sacristy or on the credence table, whatever is most convenient. Guidelines from county health dept. to be printed and distributed to all parishioners, signs at rest rooms reminding about hand washing.

we remain one of the hotspots of the disease in the US, two more people were buried in the last week who died of this flu. People still disregard these prescriptions I got into a mild but pointed argument over the cultural hug/kiss thing here, and I am definitely seen as cold and unfriendly for not doing it. But my work brings me in frequent contect with children and their parents, including pregnant moms, so for me to not take precautions would be IMO immoral.

It is up to each person, no one is required to receive from the chalice, we don’t hold hands at the Our Father. We do exchange the sign of peace, however no one is offended if you do not shake hands and just nod or make a small jesture instead. Your free to receive on the tongue or in your hand. There is Holy water and it has salt in it. We also have hand sanitizer available at the entrences.

The archbishop of our diocese had a moratorium on touching, receiving on the tongue, and receiving from the cup. He later said it was all right and those practices were resumed. Our pastor said the bishop is “monitoring the situation very closely”.
However, I still can’t take chances with the cup, tourching, or receiving on the tongue. I can’t leave my health up to the archbishop, meaning no disrespect.:shrug:
My immune system isn’t so great after a year or so of grieving and I can’t wait to get both the normal flu shot and the swine flu vaccine.
(OT: to CarolAnnSFO…you are so lucky to use your choir loft! Our monsignor (the boss) wants us up front :eek:and our beautiful choir loft is empty except at Easter and Christmas when parishioners are in full force.)

I voted for the other option. The reason being that it has not affected my church’s liturgy at all but at a different church that I went to, they had forbidden shaking hands during the passing of the peace because of the H1N1 virus.

I checked “other” because we were told stop hand shaking and hand holding, no communion on the tongue, no cup. Then a month (or maybe longer) later (three weeks ago) we were told that it was okay again.

I must add that both announcements (stop and start again) were very low key and probably missed by quite a few people. :slight_smile:

They had us stop distributing the Precious Blood, and we EMHCs used hand sanitizer before we went out to distribute, but that stopped after a few weeks. We never denied Communion on the tongue (although in our parish it’s rare.).


Last weekend we were encouraged to “acknowledge each other with a nod and greeting” during the sign of peace.

Works for me, I hope it catches on and we keep doing it that way.

I think I’ll recommend that to our pastor if the diocese nixes the handshaking this winter. It seems a lot better than just having an awkward pause with nothing but silence in it while everybody wonders “aren’t we supposed to be giving a sign of peace now?”

So far no changes in our liturgy. I haven’t seen anything from the bishop either. This area has not been affected by the flu yet though. We’ll see what happens this winter.

In my little world, we have been much more affected by our pastor’s kidney surgery. He was back saying Mass today, but cannot stand long at all and is still moving very gingerly. Please pray for him!

I will be praying for them. Hope you and your students all stay well this winter!

One parish we’ve been going to occasionally discontinued the Sign of Peace (fine by me as it makes me uncomfortable), but we regularly attend a Latin Mass parish, so there’s been no changes.

I’ve never heard it even mentioned at my parish, either when it first started being prevalent or since then. :shrug:

Ordinary Form:

*]No sign of peace given. It has been always that way.
*]Communion is by intinction only. No cup passed.
Extraordinary Form: None applicable.

(I never liked or agreed with that in the first place) also no Sign of Peace or Wine.

(and vice versa)


During the school year I attend St. Mary’s Parish in Oxford, Ohio near Miami University. At Miami there are more than 70 confirmed cases of Swine Flu. Although we still offer the Precious Blood and have the Sign of Peace an announcement is made at the beginning of each Mass to use caution and common sense when deciding to receive the Precious Blood or shake someone’s hand if you think you may have been exposed to the virus or if you are particularly concerned about the virus.

At the Mass I attend (Ordinary Form) we can no longer receive the Precious Blood. (This doesn’t bother me in that I became used to the EF Mass and that isn’t an option, so I haven’t received the Precious Blood since becoming Catholic.)

I have a feeling that receiving on the tongue isn’t happening too often even though the restriction was removed more than a month ago.

I notice that the priest seems quite uncomfortable and drops the Host into my mouth from a good mile or two above my head. :whacky:

We appear to be exchanging the Sign of Peace, but I’ve always had a problem with the timing – I wish it really would be moved as was discussed here last year some time.

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