How has living your Catholic faith made your life better?


How has your decision to follow the Catholic Church’s teachings given you a radically different life than you otherwise would have had?

For me, it has given me a large family I never would have had otherwise. I’d love to hear how it’s impacted others’ lives.


Its completely transformed my spiritual life, it has greatly improved my prayer life and made me feel closer to God than I ever thought possible before.

It has helped me learn to value life much more.

It has made me realize my faith is to be the most important thing in my life, even more important than my own desires and wants. Something I never grasped as a Protestant.

It has made me want to seek God’s approval in everything I do instead of my own.

I also know that it has made me better prepared to be a good wife and mother in the future. I now realize how special that vocation is. I used to look down on those who were stay at home moms and only cared about being a wife and mother. I took the world’s view that my career and personal desires for myself were more important than family. I now know otherwise and the older I get the more I want nothing more in life than to be a good wife and mother. Everything else that may occur in my life, good or bad, is secondary to fulfilling my vocation in these areas.

Thats all I can think of for now, though I know there is much more.


It’s given me purpose and direction during years I needed it.

It’s given me a huge family of wonderful, supportive people.

It’s held me accountable to love others in the best way I can.

It’s given me a code of ethics, which are especially important for a future doctor.

It’s taught me to respect life in a way that is pleasing to God.

It’s given me the best way to love others.

It feels good to be Catholic;)


It has helped me to be a more sacrificing wife, and mother. It has helped me to look at others’ needs before my own, although, sometimes I struggle with that.:o It has helped me to pray more–and grow closer to God–in a way unimaginable. I stop to smell the roses far more than I did before I was a devout Catholic. If people only knew the peace and completeness that the Catholic faith could provide, shrinks would be out of business.:wink:


The Catholic ideal of “offering it up” has certainly changed our family life. In our culture today there is the idea that when you give up something you want, or don’t complain you are either a ‘martyr’ looking for attention or a loser.

The ideal of wanting wat is best for the other person and offering our sufferings (whether caused by another’s actions or simply circumstances) has made our entire family more loving and more family focused.

Catholic prayers and devotions have made our prayer time more purposeful and helped keep it from falling by the wayside.

The liturgical year and the cycle of feasts and fasts has given us a focus for our time together.

So many things, I can’t name them all.


More than anything, I think it has brought a sense of peace to my life.



It has blessed me with a sweet baby, Gabriel, born 13 years after my husband and I had our one boy and one girl. Accepting and living the Church’s teaching on ABC (although we were nervous), brought so much peace and joy to our marriage. Although we didn’t concieve for about 5 years, God’s timing is PERFECT, as Gabriel was born just before my parents started having some major health problems (Dad had a stroke and Mom recently died of cancer). Gabe has been a gift…a bright spot to help us all cope with these difficult life changes.



It made life bearable in the bad times and made me thankful in the good times…


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